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"And how shall they preach, except they be sent?"  Romans 10:15a


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While seeking the Lord Jesus recently, I received a word from the Lord stating to focus on our outreach for souls. The Lord stated that this was His heart, for he that winneth souls is wise.


It was short and to the point. In my spirit I felt several things at the same time. I had been focusing on the Word to God’s people in revelation for the coming move of God. However, the Lord Jesus directed me to souls that souls are the main thing; for the new wine must be put in new wineskins and both will be preserved. As for the old wineskins, most in denominations believe that they already have the truth feeling no need to reach out for more since basic doctrines of Acts 2:38 with some kind of dress code is all that is needed in order for salvation of the soul. Therefore, the Lord will turn to a people that are no people for His name’s sake that will be the latter growth after the king’s mowing.


Theologians rarely are used in the gifts of the Holy Ghost since most are focused on the letter of the Word rather than focusing on the Spirit of the Word in life. Knowledge of the intellect at best puffs up and most seek their own rather than the Lord’s, therefore, there is little or no fruits of the Spirit manifested as most feel that they are justified in demonstrating a cold heart toward any new thing of God.


The Lord will prepare a people for His name’s sake; lift the Word as Himself up in order to draw all men unto him. This change of venue in our ministry is now focused primarily on souls into the kingdom which the Lord has assured me will receive of the Word as to its heavenly flow which will manifest the works of God. The depth of the Word will be received by new converts that will grow up as calves of the stalls having joy in the preparation of that which is to come.


DBM ministry team is focused on this one goal of preaching the Gospel in places where the Word has not gone before; forget trying to get into the churches per se, and going into the highways and hedges. It takes commitment and sacrifice in order to carry this call out rather than sitting in our back yards as weekend warriors. This is deep in Brother Beard’s spirit and the Lord will be the center of this ministry in Person and Work.


Doing the will of God is nothing more than love demonstrated for the things of God and the action taken in getting those things done for Jesus name. Faith is given to man in the understanding of those things, knowing, while charity is doing those things by the will. The true eating the flesh of Jesus is hearing the Word, and drinking the blood of Jesus is doing the Word; thus we have faith and love being the marriage as one making a spiritual man or woman; for the believer that loves God keep his commandments. The next step is the believer having the testimony of Jesus which is totally by the Holy Ghost alone working in and through the believer whose affections is set on Jesus. It is only by our affections toward God for truth can we have any fruits of the Spirit.


May God bless each one of you that helps and takes part in helping us in reaching souls in these last of the last days. We need partners who feel this same burden for souls in both prayer and financial support. God bless all in His wonderful name JESUS. 


Mockers mock, death breeds death, life breeds life…backseat drivers do nothing for the kingdom of God but cut and demean those who do. Do not be weary O soldier of the cross, for you will reap if you faint not. Do not concern yourself with those who do nothing for the kingdom of God, for what is the chaff to the wheat?


Dennis Beard






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