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In this dream, I was standing at the side along the middle of a large building. I had a large rifle in my hands shooting violators as they came around the corner of this building. As I had just shot a violator, I noticed a man lying on the ground in a small tent in a sleeping bag. As I went over to see who was in it, I noticed that this man was dying. The man was known to me even though I did not recognize his face. He mentioned to me that he was cold and asked me to raise the cover over him, which I did. As I had finished raising the blanket over this man, he expired. The man believed that he was going to make heaven his home, but the Lord let me know that the man was lost. The man seemed to be at peace when he died.


I then went back to the building that I was guarding. At the back of the building was a company of locusts that begin to attack from the back of the building. I started to shoot at them being overrun with this locust hoard, when suddenly I fell into mud about thee feet deep which completely covered my whole body as well as my head. I wondered what was happening. The Lord spoke to me telling me to be silent and not to lift up my head lest I die. I remained silent until the locust hoard had completely passed over me, trampling me under foot.


Then the mud dried. God spoke again telling me that he was lifting me out of the sand. Upon being lifted out of the sand, I walked down to a cliff. At this cliff my son brought me a pitcher that belonged to a man who had been in truth, but had left it for Trinity teaching. I saw this man in bondage, in chains and fetters at the bottom of an old ship where the oarsmen rowed. He was sweaty and tired. My son had brought this man to me having unlocked the chains from a bar; however, the chains were still on the man. As I looked at the man and my son Brad, Brad walked over to me as the man looked on at us. He brought me an empty pitcher that belonged to the man that was in bondage.


I took the empty pitcher from my son and walked over to four flowing lines (looked to be 4” pipe) that had valves to open and close them. Two valves were pointed toward the east and two valves were pointed toward the west. I had a wrench that fit these valves that went to the 4” flowing lines that came out of the ground. I opened one of them and filled the pitcher to the brim. The pitcher was filled with a liquid that appeared to be of some petroleum base. Being careful not to spill any of the liquid from the filled pitcher, I walked over to the cliff that was nearby, reared back, and threw the contents of the pitcher as far as I could throw it into the air over the cliff. As I did, I noticed that the petroleum burst in the air and it appeared to be as stardust sprinkling down slowly to the ground, as if it had been a display of fireworks. The stardust was a beautiful array of silver and light that lit up the sky.


I noticed that I had spilled some of the liquid contents on the ground which had hardened and become like rubber or a plastic. It was in the shape of a boomerang. I knew that I had to dispose of this also, but thought that since it was shaped like a boomerang when it was thrown, it would come back at me. At any rate, I threw the residue over the cliff as hard as I could. The boomerang did not come back at me, for when it was out in the air, it also burst into an array of stardust just as the liquid thrown before had done. It was the same beautiful sight that I had seen earlier. I knew the man was delivered.


I then walked down and saw myself on a stretcher looking like skin and bones. As I lay there in a weak condition, five angels like men came to me; each giving me a thousand dollars apiece. This was the means to go to the mission field for souls. The Lord spoke to me to emaciate myself for the marathon that was set before me.


This dream was on a Sunday night after church service where I was the pastor. Monday morning I awoke with the Lord speaking to me the man’s name. I immediately thought of a member of my family which had this name, but the Lord told me the man who was a friend of mine that I had known over the years was the man. I told my wife, my son, daughter-in-law, and several others that this man was going to die soon. Two days later, the man died in a hospital. The person with them told me that she was with this person when he passed, asking her to pull up the blanket over him, for he was cold. He was peaceful she said, and a few minutes later, he passed while she was present with him. She told me that he passed that Wednesday night; only two days after the Lord had given me his name.


The Lord spoke to me that he had told me the man’s name that died shortly thereafter to assure me that the dream was certain.


The dream is mine,

Dennis Beard







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