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Second Dream - Cemetery - Rows of Men






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I was praying concerning a snake that had bitten me in a vision as my wife and I were praying before bedtime. I found myself in a graveyard that was perfectly manicured with white headstones on each grave, perfectly in a row. The grass was bright green and each headstone glistened as white as snow. This graveyard reminded me of Arlington Cemetery in the way that it was kept up.


There were about three hundred men clothed in tuxedos standing at attention in military fashion, all perfectly aligned in rows. There were about 30 rows with ten deep in each row. As I walked in front of each row, I could see the depth of each row as each man as perfectly dressed exactly the same, nothing different; for each had a black tuxedo with white tux shirts and bow ties, perfectly aligned in these rows. As I walked directly in front of each row, the men were so perfectly aligned that I could not see the men behind the first one in the row, for they were exactly lined up, one like the other.


As I looked at these rows of men, six men walked into the cemetery in the front of these rows of men carrying a casket, intending to bury a man. As these six men marched military style with this casket, the rows of men stood at attention, none moving or batting an eye. As they were marching with this casket, there appeared in the sky a fiery flying serpent. As I looked into the sky at this flying serpent with wings, the Lord spoke to me to pray, let I die. I immediately began to pray. As I did, two golden arches appeared out of the ground and went up toward the sky, joining in the air at the apex, making a hedge against this fiery flying serpent. Above the golden arches that a barrier wherein was written “Prayer”.


I needed to pray in order to overcome this serpent.






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