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Thanks to you, our friends, as I pondered the past, thinking on the future, I wanted to make mention of saints that have been a help over the years in the following reflections.


October 1975, I walked the aisle in an independent Baptist Church in Longview, Texas giving my life to Jesus as the choir sang “Just As I Am”. I bought a Bible just like the Baptist pastor’s, a Scoffield King James. The music minister, Brother Gary Newman, was an underground Oneness Pentecostal who used me in their music program as they liked my piano/organ playing. I never understood why this man was going to a Trinity church. I read the Bible through in one year, went to different meetings of which one was a tent revival preached by Dwayne Hobbs. I played organ for this tent minister who was praying for people, falling out, and speaking in tongues. This was my introduction to people speaking in tongues. News got around about my organ playing and I was asked to do the music for another tent minister, Donny Johnson. I began seeking God for the Holy Ghost and received the baptism in 1976, at which time I was asked to leave the Baptist church by the pastor since I was deceived and tongues was not tolerated in this Baptist assembly.


I owe a debt to Pastor C.W. Goforth of World Missionary Temple in Tyler, Texas who took a liking to me. There was a Sister there who played piano, Sister Hammond, who was the first to prophecy to me of being called into the ministry, a missionary to the field. Pastor Goforth was used in the gifts and also prophesied the same during a revival. During this time I met Brother Ray Strange, a Oneness preacher, who had bought a tent from Dwayne Hobbs. He needed an organ player for his tent meetings; I quit my job and went on the field with his ministry which lasted for two years. In 1978, my family and I moved to Dallas, Texas as Brother Strange had sold the tent. Brother Strange baptized me in the name of Jesus Christ in 1977 in Columbia, Mississippi in a creek bed. I came back to Longview, Texas and baptized my wife in Jesus name. I owe a debt of gratitude to Brother Strange in leading me to the baptismal waters, taking on the name of Jesus. We remain friends to this day.


God blessed financially in business from 1980 to 1984, above and beyond all that I could imagine. During this interim working in business, I bought a tent and went on radio in Dallas, Texas having two broadcasts a day over KSKY. Bishop E. Evans, founder of the Freewill Church of God in Christ in Jesus Name with churches from California to Florida, was on the same radio station. Bishop became a good friend and helped support tent meetings in Dallas and surrounding areas during this time. This apostle has gone on to be with the Lord. I owe this man of God a debt of gratitude.


Latter part of 1984, God led us to go ministry full time. We moved to Greenville, Texas where I met Brother Butch Buras, another Oneness preacher. Brother Butch Buras had pastored in Louisiana for many years and was at that time living within a block from me having moved to Greenville, Texas also. He bought a Cadillac and introduced me to different pastors in Louisiana and Mississippi; driving me to various churches. I owe a debt of gratitude to him for his sacrifice in helping me meet pastors and preach during this time.


Brother Butch Buras introduced me to his brother, a Oneness preacher, Brother R.J. Buras in 1985. Brother R.J. Buras also had pastored and evangelized traveling throughout the United States and helped me with his contacts to preach in Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Brother R.J. Buras actually gave me revivals that he had booked for himself. I owe a debt of gratitude to Brother R.J. Buras in his unselfish attitude in being a help to this ministry. Brother R.J. and Butch Buras remain friends of ours.


During this time, from 1988 until early 90’s, my brother, Brother Richard Beard sold his possessions, going on the field with us, using his musical talents in singing and playing the bass as well as teaching the Word. He now resides in Shreveport, Louisiana with his lovely wife Faye who I understand both teach the Word in a local assembly. I owe a debt of gratitude to Brother Richard Beard for his support during this time. 


We moved to Houston, Texas in 1996, leaving the field to pastor in Houston. We pastored a start up church for 8 years, three years in our home with the remainder in various buildings. Brother Byron Branch, a Oneness preacher helped me during this time in labor and ministry, assisting anyway possible for the church. There were many others who helped financially which I cannot name all. Brother Earl Rowe and his wife Sister Patty has been dear friends of the ministry, aiding financially and giving of their time and talent. I owe a debt of gratitude to these precious folks as well.


We now are focusing on the year 2007 which the Lord has impressed us to focus on souls; that “winning souls” is to be the primary focus of this ministry. Those of you who help with your prayers and financial support, we owe you the biggest debt of gratitude as you have a vision for the lost to which we share the same vision with you. There are others that have helped us and we are deeply grateful for your support as well. From the bottom of my heart, I thank each of you that have been so generous in support, not only in finances, but your prayers also.


I want to thank the DBM team who has sacrificed their lives for this ministry. My daughter, Sister Angela Lindstrom, who is our Director of Operations has a genuine love for souls. Without her computer skills, the website and newsletter would not happen. Her husband Brother Robert is a sold out soldier of the cross giving his support, helping in all areas. My son, Brother Brad is my companion in the Lord Jesus for many years, giving his all for Jesus and to the work that Jesus has called us to. The tent ministry is headed up by Brother Brad as to location, construction, as well as the media ministry in broadcasting. Brother Brad is head of the cameramen, general editor, and production manager of the ministry along with his wife, Sister Melanie, who heads up our sales of DVDs and CDs. Both my son and his wife have given their all to this work. Last but not least, I want to thank my dear wife, Sister Diane who has always been there for me in support of the work, in all seasons. She is my help mate, friend, critic, and most of all, the love of my life, my soul mate of 38 years.


2007 is a year for outreach; reaching the lost at any costs, a burden for souls being greater than ever. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless each and every one of you in bountifully supplying your needs, increasing in the knowledge of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. May 2007 be the greatest year for you in the body of Christ, for the best is yet to come. 


Dennis Beard








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