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What is the Word of the LORD in these last days?  The Revelation of JESUS is misunderstood by the prophets of Baal as they prophesy peace to the people rather than the sword that reaches unto the soul.  I know some men of God that believe the work of God in the last days is simply that the saints of God are going through the great tribulation.  As true as this is, the church going through the great tribulation is not the center focus of the work of God as it is not the Word of the LORD to God's people in the last days.  The work of God is a strange work, when He brings about His act, His strange act.  The center purpose of the work of God is the Kingdom of God in which the prophets of God must tune into revelation in order to preach the Kingdom of God.


JESUS did not come preaching Himself.  He stated that He spake not of Himself but what He saw the Father do - that is what He spoke.  In other words, JESUS preached and taught the Kingdom of God.  Anyone who majors only on the great tribulation has not even begun to enter in within the vail, in understanding the work of God.  As a matter of truth, the great tribulation is insignificant when one understands the Word of the LORD.


Mankind was created for the sole purpose of being conformed to JESUS Christ, to the fullness of the measure of the stature of JESUS.  This is the central focus of the Word in the work of God when He gathers all things together in one, that is, JESUS.  Some believe that they are already perfect in spirit, soul, and body thereby becoming settled on their lees and at ease in Zion.  God has called us as ministers to stir up the body of Christ, looking unto JESUS unto the perfect day, when all things will be restored back to God.  In order for this event of the Word of the LORD to come to all nations, the revealing of JESUS must take place in all the earth; or the Revelation of JESUS Christ.  The believer must understand the work of God in the last days to be able to take part in it.  Some preterists believe all things have already happened to the body of Christ; and, therefore assume there is nothing to do except wait for JESUS to come or appear.  They do not strive to enter into the strait gate as they feel they are already in and perfect.  This simple mindedness as to the work of God has thwarted and done violence to the proceeding Word.  On the other hand, some focus on the great tribulation as the proceeding Word for the body of Christ.  Both have grievously missed the mark.  Therefore, God Himself, even JESUS, will proceed to do a work - a glorious work - a wonderful work showing forth the wisdom and power of God.  God will remove the pastors that have not fed His flock, but only fleeced them for money.  God will destroy the voice of the prophets that do not speak the truth of His Word in these last days.  God will raise up His army when judgment is given to the saints of God - then JESUS will be revealed in the earth.  The great tribulation is not the work - just as birth pangs are not the main work when a woman is having a baby.  The main focus is on the woman bringing forth a manchild.  Birth pangs are certainly not the issue as everyone is focused upon the woman as she labors to bring forth the manchild.  When the manchild is birthed, even the woman does not remember the pain simply because of the joy of her son that she has brought into the world.


The same is true with the church as the woman, the bride of Christ.  We as the church have been impregnated with the Word of God for one reason; that is, to bring forth a manchild who is caught up to God and to His throne.  This is the Revelation of JESUS - the Kingdom of God manifested in the earth - the Son of man revelation.  For as the lightning shineth from the east unto the west, even also shall the coming of the Son of man be.  Then, all things will be gathered together unto one, even in Christ JESUS, which He purposed in Himself from the foundation of the world.


The saints must come to this fullness of JESUS, unto a perfect man in revealing JESUS to the world.  The voice of the seventh angel is the power and strength of the Kingdom of God manifested in and through the body of Christ, the church, to enable her to overcome the beast or antichrist as the accuser of the brethren.  This is the time that satan will be cast out of heaven to the earth as the inhabitants of the earth face this final woe.  As JESUS faced the devil in the wilderness, there to be tempted of him, so also will the church as the bride of Christ be tempted of satan in the wilderness for a time, times and a half.  Just as JESUS the man showed forth the full glory of God for 3 1/2 years, so the church also as the bride of Christ will show forth the full glory of God in the Revelation of JESUS for 3 1/2 years.  This generation will be counted for the seed - the seed of JESUS as the Son of man revealed in His Kingdom.  As the Son of God, JESUS is the unique only (Yachiyd) Son of God; (God manifested in flesh with the Holy Ghost without measure from birth).  The Son of man is the office of Spirit, JESUS as the head and the saints making up His body - thus the Kingdom office of the Spirit of God.  The requirements for the body of Christ as the church is to be perfect - to come unto this perfect man - Christ.  This will happen in the perfect day - for the light shines more and more unto the perfect day.  The Word proceeding will accomplish this.


If you as a believer want more truth, I urge you to become a partner with this ministry, a team member to help in getting this message out.


If you are an apostle, prophet, pastor, evangelist, or teacher, please contact our ministry so that we can bind together in this marvelous truth.


In JESUS' service,

Dennis Beard








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