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Oneness Broadcasting Network


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Oneness Broadcasting Network






"And how shall they preach, except they be sent?" Romans 10:15a









Members of DBMI are on the Board of Directors of the Oneness Broadcasting Network.  Our vision is to have the Oneness Broadcasting Network (OBN) as a media outreach for the One God Jesus Name message and the coming of the true LORD and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Brother Beard has received a Word from the Lord as well as many prophecies concerning the media outreach of OBN. Twenty-four hour programming with One God churches and ministries coming together proclaiming the true Jesus over the airways is essential for the body of Christ in these last days. The Lord will require us as the body of Christ to give an account of what we have done in act and deed to reach souls to the present day truth of Jesus. The greatest opportunity with the greatest return of souls is definitely through television media. This is the burden that God has given to Dennis Beard who has preached over thirty years - seven of these years using Houston Media Source as the local TV outreach for the Jesus Name Broadcast series. If you are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and are willing to stand up for Jesus in this age of media outreach, then give DBMI a call to discuss becoming a partner in reaching this goal for our Lord. OBN will compete with TBN, Daystar, and various other networks in relaying the One God JESUS Name message to the public at large.


Our facility includes the following:


Professional cameramen (we have just purchased the new Sony HVR-Z1U)


Top HDR Editing Facilities and Equipment


Blu-ray technology is in place for HDV programming

Serious investors are needed. Call 985-707-6161 today to discuss this wonderful opportunity for reaching souls.


Oneness Broadcasting Network




Dennis Beard

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