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Walking in front of my parents home in Kilgore, Texas many years ago, a flying Tiger airplane came diving in toward my dad and me who were in the front yard. The plane crashed into the ground, digging a deep trench as it came to a full stop. Five men walked up to me and gave me $5,000.00 and told me to go to Managua, Nicaragua.


I said “Managa?”


He said “Managua”. “Managua, Nicaragua”.


Months later I had another dream as follows:


About a month later, beside a big hanger, I found myself in war. A man with a gun came around the west corner of the building and I shot and killed him. I then walked down the side of building going eastward to see if there were more enemies. When reaching the end of the building, I noticed a field of mucky, miry mud just to the end of the building. As I looked at this mud, an army came from the east going west which was a locust horde killing everything within its path. I was plunged under the mud about three feet deep, the mud totally covering my who body. The Lord spoke to me to be quiet or I would die. I immediately quit struggling and got quiet.


After a while, the army passed over and left the area after killing everything that was in its path. I lifted myself out of the mud and looked around. I saw a man under a tent lying on his back, and knew that he was in trouble…that he was dying. He was content and complacent, even though he was dying. I walked over to him and he looked at me, knowing who I was, but I could not make out his face. The tent was smaller than him and was not covering his feet, so I adjusted it so that it would cover his feet. He smiled at me and died.


I then left that area and went southward. As I did, I noticed an old ship that was moved by oarsmen who rowed in a galley underneath in the bow. My brother was there tied up in chains, rowing with the other men. My son went under to loose him from the chains and brought him to the upper deck of the ship. He then brought my brother over to me and handed me a pitcher.


There were four flow line valves that were above ground; two on one side facing back to back, and two on the other side, facing back to back. Each one had a valve to open and close the flow of some kind of chemical….some petroleum product. I took the pitcher from my son which he had gotten from my brother and walked over to the first flow line valve. I opened the valve and filled the pitcher with the petroleum product to the very rim. Then I walked over to the cliff, reared back and threw the contents in the pitcher into the air as far into the sky as I could. When I did, the contents of the pitcher went up into the air…at its peak….it exploded into sparkly particles that reminded me of stardust; it was so pretty being a silver burst of particles throughout the sky as if a fireworks rocket exploded into the air on the 4th of July.


After this, I looked on the ground, and some of the contents of the pitcher had spilled onto the ground. Thinking that this could be a problem, I picked the contents up which had turned into a rubbery substance shaped into a boomerang. I picked the rubbery boomerang up and sailed it into the sky. It exploded at its peak in the air and looked exactly like the first explosions did; with stardust…and the particles slowly fell to the ground.


I then went over to a cot with a man on it that was skinny as a rail. Five men walked up to the man on the cot and gave him $1,000 a piece for a total of $5,000. I knew that this was tied in with another vision of the flying tiger with 5 angels that we had seen after the plane crashed. I thought the five men were literal men who would give me $1,000 a piece for a total of $5,000 which would be the time to go to Managua, Nicaragua. Instead, they were 5 angels who gave 1,000 each (meaning perfected glory) which totaled 5,000 which was the fullness of grace allowing the ministry to go to Managua, Nicaragua.


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