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Artwork by Pat Marvenko Smith, copyright ©

1982/1992 -


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Lost City Alabama




"And how shall they preach, except they be sent?"  Romans 10:15a


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It’s been several years now since we have loaded up the family to travel the roads of America to reach souls for Jesus.


As we prepare for this journey I can’t help but remember times past –


Date:  August, 1989

Location:  Lost City, Alabama


I prefer to rename the locals to protect the innocent.


We are in the middle of revival at a small church surrounded by beautiful towering trees and hot sticky weather. Bro. Beard has been advised by the pastor that the revival has been abruptly cancelled. The congregation had decided that they could receive healing from the waters at a famous theme park located in Tennessee. The whole church was going together. He tried to convince the pastor the revival should go on because there were people who needed deliverance. The pastor asked “Who?”. Bro. Beard pointed out one particular woman. The pastor replied “That is my daughter”. Needless to say, Bro. Beard was told where he could pick up the offering the following morning. To our surprise, the only offering was a pint size bag of blueberries along with a note of thanks for coming but we have already left for Tennessee.


It was only the thought of incarceration that kept me from committing murder that day. But there again, I was reminded (…and pray for them which despitefully use you. Matt. 5:44).


The only foods available to us at the time were canned goods without labels that had been given to us by well-intentioned church members at a prior revival.


My son was opening one of these labeless cans and remarked “This is dog food!”. I immediately went off on this tirade of how he should be thankful for what we had, etc. etc.  When I looked in the can, it was the real thing – DOG FOOD – dog food.


It is not until we experience an occasional going to bed hungry or going without necessities such as water to realize what Paul must have felt in I Cor. 4:11.


Although I knew then as I do now obedience is better than sacrifice.


For Jesus has called my family and me to carry His Word to a lost and drying world.


Whatever hardship there is to endure, I want to be faithful. 


Remember us in your prayers.


Diane Beard






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