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Let me say at the beginning that I am not against any person who is in an organization, for there is one body of Christ, the church. I give this dream as to the will of God for myself making no judgment as to anyone, just the will of God for myself.


I was thinking of joining a denomination in 1985, the largest Oneness organization on the face of the earth. I had several friends in the organization who urged me to get into the ring, saying that I could not fight outside of it; so I might as well join it to further my ministry. I thought about it for a while and decided to do so.


I was going to a large church whose pastor was a presbyter in this organization who also urged me to join. I was living in Greenville, TX at the time and going to this large church located in Richardson, TX just outside Dallas, TX. I was told that I would be asked no questions since I came with recommendations from some of the highest ministers in this organization. The pastor where I was attending church at this time while still evangelizing in tent ministry was an honorable man with a good reputation having been in the ministry for many years. I thought it would be a good move; therefore, I applied for a license.


While my wife and I were praying in our bedroom before retiring for the night, I had a vision of a snake that bit me. It was a strong snake that had much venom and I felt myself in the spirit dying as life went out of me. I became concerned as to my doing the will of God realizing that something that I was doing was not according to the will of God in my life. I began seeking the Lord in this matter, to know what was wrong.


The first dream was that of a great body of water that had to be passed over to the other side. It was nighttime and dark. On this side, I was with another minister whom I did not recognize. We both were preparing to go over to the other side. The only way to get to the other side of this great body of water was to swim this water. As this minister and I were down in a basement of a house, a man came and instructed us that it was time to go; time to swim to the other side.


As we walked to the bank of this great water, this minister dived in first and began to swim as I stood on the bank and watched. Then I decided to dive in also. As we both were swimming to the other side of this great body of water, we were approaching the bank of the other side. We were getting closer and closer to where we were both neck and neck in reaching the bank when a great alligator or crocodile entered into the body of water from the bank from where we both had started. The alligator or crocodile went through the body of water like lightning, he was so fast. Just as we both were coming to the bank of the other side, this alligator or crocodile with his jaws opened snapped at the minister beside me to the left and cut him in half with one bite. One more bite and he was totally devoured; just as I reached the bank of the other side and ran out of the water, terrorized as to what had happened to this minister.


As I was thinking on what had just occurred, I found myself back in the basement of the house on the former side, realizing that what I had seen was only a vision, and now both this minister as well as myself was shortly going to have to swim to the other side. Just at that time, a man came into the basement telling us both that “it was time”. I realized what we were facing and I began to pray with all my might; knowing what was just ahead. The minister dove into the water as before, swimming with all his might to get to the other side. I thought about it for a moment, standing there on the bank thinking about the vision that I had just had. As I did, I noticed a great black rock just ahead of me that was about 20 feet long that was not there in the vision. I thought I could jump onto this great black rock, walk to the edge of it about twenty feet away, thinking that it would help me in getting a good head start on the task of swimming to the other side of this great body of water.


As I walked out onto this great black rock, going as far as I could to the edge of it, I positioned myself to prepare to dive into the water for the swim to the other side. As I was positioned, ready to dive, the rock rose up out of the water about five feet. I was startled, realizing this rock was alive. As it rose up of the water with me standing on it, I realized that this rock was the head of the alligator or crocodile that had cut the other minister in half as he was about to reach the bank on the other side in the vision.


I dove into the water, swimming as hard as I could to the other side, realizing that this alligator or crocodile was none other than leviathan that traveled almost at the speed of light with destroying power in his jaws. I prayed, “Lord, help me”. I knew that I was at the mercy of the Lord since this leviathan could cut me in half with his jaws in one second and I was just beginning my race to the other side.


I did not join the organization due to this as well as another dream given to me.


The end of the dream and vision.






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