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Jesus stated that if He be lifted up, that he would draw all men unto him. The difficulty is lifting up Jesus Himself rather than the human nature of man in following leadership of men rather than being led of God. The believers that are led of the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God. It becomes hardly acute to believe that all are led of the Spirit of God when ministers are sitting upon pews never exercising their ministries; the great message of Jesus Christ being watered down as some shallow and easy “believism” with no cross nor shadow of the cross in depth of revelation. Are we not living in the last days?


I received a vision as the Lord spoke concerning the present light of truth shining now to the church as the body of Christ pertaining to all things coming together in one. Denominational barriers and doctrines of men are being broken down as the Word comes forth, tearing down schisms and sectarian clicks of doctrines as God removes pastors that do not feed the flock of God but shear them for their own lusts, seeking their own rather than God. God is moving for those believers who will let God be God; God setting up His own government which allows Him as God to be the head and not man.


God is working and who will let it, for if it is man; it’s not God; and if it’s God, then it’s not man. God will share his glory with no one; no man or woman can take credit for anything that God does in the perfecting work of His body, the church. Spineless wimps and politically correct puppets over the heritage of God are being removed as God sweeps the floor with the besom of destruction in order to set order in His church. God has set judgment to the line and righteousness to the plummet in His measuring the temple. Time is of the essence, the hour is late, and God is the Judge.


I will come to dreams and visions of the Lord Jesus for your scrutiny. Some time back, God gave me a dream concerning the present move of God in Tabernacles, moving the church through Pentecost to a higher glory in knowledges of good and truth in faith and works. There was a huge building that sloped from the entry doors that gradually inclined down to the stage or platform in which a great play was to begin at 11:00 AM. I was trying to enter this building through the public entrance of glass doors that reached from one side of the building to the other. As I tried to open these doors to enter the building, I noticed that they were chained and had locks on them which could not be broken. As I proceeded from one door to another, I gave a quick tug on the door to see whether the locks and chains would open, but all were locked and any hope of entering the building through these public doors was an act in futility.


As I gave up all hope of entering into this huge building where this great play was to run, a man with a uniform came to me, walking down the foyer. He instructed me that I was a player in this move and therefore could not enter the way of these public doors, but was to go outside, walk down the side of the building, then enter the building through the players’ entrance beside the platform. As I entered this huge building, no person was inside; no seat was taken by any spectator. As I walked in front of this great stage and platform, I heard a voice tell me to prepare for the great play which was to start at 11:00 AM. So I proceeded to go to the back of the building on the inside that had a special area for bathing and getting clothed for the play that was soon to begin.


After changing clothes and now ready for the play, I noticed the clock on the wall was nearly at 2 o’clock which was much later than the designated start time of 11:00 AM. I immediately concluded that I was late. Where were the people of God? There was still no one in this gigantic building and the starting time had begun to pass.  


I have told this dream to several pastors and believers who did not know what it meant, but all stated that it had to do with time as to the late hour of the production of this play. Either I was late or possibly the players as well as the people were late. My understanding is that we ministers are late being slow of heart in believing all that the Spirit of God has shown in the light perfecting the church as the perfect bride of Christ. Also, the church is late in receiving the present light of truth and we as ministers are late in delivering this great light of the revelation of Jesus Christ to the church. God will require all that He has given to each of us and all of us will give an account to God as to what we did with our talents in the increase of the kingdom of God. To whom much is given, much is required.


Dear believer, let us all bind together in prayer for the move of God that He is orchestrating now in His body, as the church walks in greater light going from glory to glory, until we are all conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. Do not listen to the monotonous rhetoric of man claiming that God is not active; stating that God will do nothing; neither will He do good nor evil. Cease ye from man whose breath is in his nostrils. Let us stay upon the Lord, for it is time for the temple of the Lord Jesus to be built and He will take glory in it. The Gospel is yea and amen. There is nothing negative about God, nor His work; for it is all good.


Haggai is the Feast Prophet whose name literally means Festive. The Feasts of the Lord are “mow’ed”, the divine appointments of God with man. God has a calendar of events in bringing light to the church in which He alone orchestrates all things to the body of Christ in faith and knowledge of good and truth. It is the light of God that shines in our hearts to bring us unto Him unto perfect glory. If we say that we have fellowship with God being  partakers of His divine nature and are not progressively growing up in Him in all things, then we deceive ourselves and are in darkness of revelation, not seeing or perceiving the light of truth. On the other hand, if we walk in the light as He is in the light, then we have fellowship one with another. This is the blood flow in the body of Christ. This is the life of the body as the Spirit of prophecy, the testimony of Jesus Christ; the witness of the Spirit with our spirits, that we are sons of God; by receiving the light of Jesus in things above, not things beneath.


We will reap if we faint not; if we do not become discouraged and quit running the race that is set before each of us. We must run this race in order to win the crown, not as one that beats the air for a corruptible trophy, but we as overcomers win an incorruptible crown of life. The tribe of Issachar had the understanding of the times who along with the other tribes came to make David king over Israel; Issachar being “reward or hire”, knowing that all things done in God by love will receive everlasting rewards that will not be done away with, but will endure forever. Jesus will be King over all the earth in that day, ruling upon the throne of David out of Jerusalem; His name One. You as a believer have an integral part and duty in bringing this to pass along with your brethren in the body of Christ. You are in the tribe of Issachar if you have the understanding of the times and seasons of the Lord Jesus. You are required by the Lord Jesus to give of your talents and gifts to the body of Christ in knowing and instructing what the church should do in these times for the furtherance of the kingdom of God which will glorify your God.


The heads of Issachar was two hundred; the number of insufficiency being only one ministry by themselves. However, being united together along with all the other tribes as one, just as we are members in particular being one body coming together as one perfect man will bring forth from glory to glory until we are all conformed to the perfect image of Jesus Christ, the church being full grown and a mirror image of Jesus. Then Jesus will present the church as a mirror image of Himself, to Himself, without spot, wrinkle, or blemish; we will be presented blameless at his coming, both spirit, soul, and body.


It is noteworthy that all of their brethren recognized the tribe of Issachar had understanding of the times, who according to this wisdom and understanding as now faith, listened and received instruction and were at their commandment. This is the body of Christ of today who have perception by faith and their eyes of understanding opened to realize the ministry of Jesus as to the times and seasons of the Lord which allows them to walk in the light as Jesus is in the light. Nothing else will do. There is neither alternative Gospel nor work of God. God is God. His Word is forever settled in heaven. He will not change, now nor forever. This is righteousness; for Jesus has gone to the Father and now abides in this light that no other man can approach unto. Therefore, it is impossible for a man to lead us into this light, for only Jesus can lead us to where He Is. We are to be where He is and to see His glory, being one with Him. Jesus is the God of glory making the way for us to enter in and the light that now shines in darkness must be comprehended as to the times and seasons in order in walk in the present light of truth.


Dear believer, I pray that we all be stirred in spirit so as to do the will of God. In all manner of wisdom and understanding, we as believers in Jesus Christ know the hour and are not ignorant of the times and seasons of the Lord Jesus. The believers are ten times better in understanding the times than the best stock market analyst, news media, cabinet members, House and Senate, and all governments of men. For you as a individual member of the body of Christ have your senses exercised thereby to discern good from evil. “The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.” (Romans 13:12). It is the light of God that is our armour; let us walk in the light lest we deceive ourselves and walk in darkness. Present truth is timely truth coming from the throne of Jesus as light that is shining greater and greater until the perfect day when we are all perfected in the image of Jesus. Let us be found walking in this light when He comes.


God bless you and yours in the kingdom of God.


Dennis A. Beard









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