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Dream of Two Funerals






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There was a great woman of God that had passed on to be with the Lord Jesus. This first dream concerns itself with this great woman of God (I do not know who she was, I did not know her name) who had died and the funeral was to take place in the sanctuary. After entering the sanctuary, I noticed a nice standard of dress and well manicured, prosperous believers in a rather nice, beautiful sanctuary. I was brought to the platform where I was seated. While I was asked to take the pulpit, I looked at the woman who I knew was some great woman of God, I took note that she was not in a coffin, but on the floor covered with a blanket…much like a green army blanket that had been thrown over her. The mood was somber and the funeral proceeded.


We were to leave this sanctuary for another funeral in another sanctuary. After entering the new sanctuary, I knew I was to be a pall bearer leading the first row of 4 men on the right side… (There were to be 8 pall bearers; 4 on the right side of the sanctuary and 4 on the left. The man who had died was also a great man of God. Upon entering the sanctuary, I was ushered to the front to the platform where the two groups of pall bearers were to pray before the service began.


The man’s name was "Aiyn” or “Iyn”-; (white headed, in a black suit, small enough to be put in my hand, around three to six inches in height). There were songs being played with a Latin accent…Again, I was attending there as one of eight pall bearers. The pall bearers were brought into the sanctuary in two rows; I was on the right row leading in the front. We were positioned on the platform in the sanctuary; one row of bearers on the left (4 men) and another row on the right (4 men). After being positioned, we began to kneel and pray…one white headed man behind me began to pray “Father, we are gathered here…” I began to pray “Jesus, you are our great God and Saviour, and can do all things…” While praying, a lady came to the white headed man who was just behind me in the line of bearers but (we all being in a circle on the floor kneeling in prayer) told him he was needed on the other side. He then left. I began leading prayer again continuing where we had left off before the Sister came and requested the older man to come to the other side.


The service then commenced with several coming to the pulpit, speaking about this great man who had died and was no longer with us. Then the song service began with a Latin type of worship song. I found myself joining in playing on a long kind of wooden stick, striking it with a another form of wood in percussion and in time with the music. A woman danced directly toward me and looked me in the face and prophesied to me. But, I could not make out what she spoke; therefore, I considered it an act of worship and did not consider the matter any further. Three songs were sung and played in a festive type of worship, much in the manner of Latin songs. Then the order of the service came when I should take the pulpit. As I began to approach the pulpit, I felt that the small white headed man in the coffin could not get out because the coffin was shut. It also had a glass front on it allowing all of the congregation to see. As they looked on him, he was motionless but then began to move fighting to breathe. As I looked at him during the service after saying a few words behind the pulpit, I noticed that he was looking at me breathing lightly at first, and then more heavily in degrees as time went on. There were three rows of bands like ribbons across his body holding him in the coffin; one across his chest, the other two a little lower across the loins. The small man was now breathing and had loosened the bands, but not enough to get out or rise out of the coffin, as he was still bound. I then reached over and opened the coffin pulling him out and placing him in my hands. Then resting my hands on the pulpit, the man still in my hands, I lifted him up to the congregation telling them that this man was alive. The congregation in the front was amazed and immediately became silent to listen to anything and everything that was said. However, the congregation in the back of the sanctuary were talking to each other loudly, being concerned with personal matters. Then the man began to speak out of my hands saying that he indeed was alive.


This great man of God had an electric voice that commanded attention as he began to instruct the congregation in things that God was doing now. As I held him in my hands, I noticed his fervency became more pronounced as he rebuked the back of the congregation for their self seeking ways rather than concerning themselves with those things of the cross of Jesus. All of the congregation were now attentive to this great man of God as he delivered his message to a church that listened to each and every word of instruction.


The Lord spoke to me to write this dream/vision down. I have done so to the best of my knowledge. For those who believe that all is past and nothing remains in the future for a move for the body of Christ, they will be clueless as to the work of God. The Lord will prepare His church as He is glorified in His bride in these last days. The funeral regarding the woman of God relates to the church . The funeral of the man relates to the coming of the manchild. Both referring to the coming glory of the church.


Note: "Aiyn" in Hebrew is very similar to the English "eye" or "fountain" or "well" as the source of water, being spiritual insight. Just as a "well" is a source of water, so is "Aiyn" a means of drawing the experience of truth inward and the pouring forth of revelation outward. Seeing is divine influx of truth which divides the error from the truth like the activity of a sword dividing asunder the soul from the spirit. Without a vision, the people perish. Vision is not an intellectual seeing or understanding of truth, but is in fact insight of the spirit of man receiving truth from the Spirit of God in which he or she has indwelling. All external senses being exercised by this truth of insight receives the light of life, movement, and color simultaneously. The eyes discern the various hues of the spectrum and also discern the various wavelengths producing the infinite hues of color. Color is refracted light bent with varying wavelengths discernable by the eye as to its particular color. In like manner, JESUS as the light is discerned by the "Aiyn" as the "fountain" or "eye" of insight or understanding as it is revealed by the Holy Ghost in revealing Himself. Therefore, the revelation of JESUS Christ will be by the church as His bride and has this "Aiyn" or understanding of truth or insight that is received inwardly in understanding and knowledge and revealed outwardly as the manchild, the perfect man; that is i.e. JESUS Christ.


As the eyes are connected to the mouth, the mouth only speaks what the eyes see or have seen. For out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. Again, "Aiyn" is the insight or understanding of the influx of truth from the throne of God. In essence the "Aiyn" is the receiving of the waters of life being the fountain of life in the soul of the believer. This receiving of the "Aiyn" or spiritual knowledge or insight will ultimately bring the body of Christ into the unity of the faith unto a perfect man unto the fulness of the measure of the stature of Christ. At that time, when the bride has made herself ready, the church as a mirror image of JESUS will be summoned to the married supper of the lamb. Blessed is he that is called to the married supper of the Lamb!


May God's grace be with you all,


Dennis Beard







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