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Artwork by Pat Marvenko Smith, copyright ©

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Have You Sold Your Soul on the Auction Block?




"And how shall they preach, except they be sent?"  Romans 10:15a


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Why do saints work so hard for things they don’t need and let the necessity of this life dwindle slowly into perdition?  Do you think perhaps they made an unconscious sales transaction with the world we live in and just didn’t realize that it involved the sale of their soul? The biggest contributor of the selling of the soul sales transaction is the so called church. You know, for the bargain price of your tithe you can do whatever you want with the rest of your money. Give me what’s mine and go do whatever.


We have all heard the proverbial “you can buy your way out of anything! All it takes is money.” Is this true in the church also? Oh, surely you jest!


Are we right in our pastor’s eyes, but not pleasing in Jesus’ eyes? Why do people think if they have the pastor’s approval on something that’s all they need? Never mind seeking God’s will in prayer. I would suppose that idea went out the window along with a message longer than 15 minutes. Everybody knows the equation: Dress code + tithe = salvation. Oh no, did I say that?  Broadway plays, oops I mean church plays, pop music, oops I mean church music with preachers practicing in the mirror for the perfect oratory performance have been substituted for a real heavenly sent, heartfelt, soul searching move of the Holy Ghost. Do we really want to settle for something less than the glory Jesus paid for on the cross? The glory of the cross has been traded for holiness hacking theatrical preaching which can compete with any academy award winning performance of any Hollywood production. Just as MGM, Warner Bros. and Dreamworks compete with each other, so do we also as Apostolics have our own UPCIs, ALJCs and Independents with various stars on the platform and in the pulpit.


I’m okay, you’re okay. This is not the measure for what is right in God.  Have you ever listened to someone go on and on about I, I and Me, Me, and My, My, My. You know, when you see them you want to turn and run the other way. It’s the one who can talk for endless hours about themselves without ever saying anything! Are they sold on themselves that much? Really now, tell me how does going on and on about yourself further the gospel of Jesus Christ?


Am I doing what I think is right, but not doing the will of God? Well let’s see. Men do you obey a pastor only or do you obey them that have the rule over you? Notice (them) is plural for God never ordained one man but elders, pastors and bishops to rule over His church. This is the only way that Jesus remains the head of the church and not man. Next, we as women also are to obey the rule over us, which is not the rule of any one single man as a pastor but our own husbands. Think of it, a church where wives are subject not to a pastor as one man but to their own husbands, showing piety first at home in reverence to their own husbands.


I am personally married to a great man of God. But I can also tell you stories of so called men of God who have approached me with something like “Your husband does not know what he has.” Blah, Blah, Blah. Oh please, don’t make me laugh!!!!!!!!!! Now you would think that these so called men of God with the gift of gab could come up with a better line than this. Do you honestly think we women fell of the turnip truck yesterday? God endowed us with a brain also. Obviously these particular men are not aware when they say things like this, we as women fully expect them to fall down on the floor and start crawling like a snake. The sly subtly of the serpent that deceived Eve works now only on captive silly women. Women with the Holy Ghost are not so easily deceived. Women defend yourselves! A hurtful and lustful spirit is just that; hurtful and lustful. One of the greatest lessons we as women will learn in church is that we are to learn from our own husbands. To some that is a hard pill to swallow. God has no pleasure in the altar of flirting. Period! End of story! No debate! You would be surprised how the fluttering of eyelashes and cunning words of men’s craftiness divide the pews of our churches each week. The song sung should be “My Hero! My Husband! Not “My Hero! My Pastor!”


What deceit? The biggest trick of Satan is that after we have known God or rather are known of God; that we turn again to the things of the flesh in the name of Jesus, even though they are contrary one to the other. How do we allow ourselves to become so blinded?


Here is a simple test to reveal whose side we are really on. Print a large “T” on a sheet of paper. On one side of the “T” write “God”; on the other side write “Me”. Then begin to write down all the things done for God under “God” and the things done for oneself under “Me”. The side which has the most things listed under the appropriate heading is the side that is the dominant in your life.


Jesus stated that where your treasure is, there is your heart also. Now there’s some truth for each of us.


How about this one? The proverbial “You made your bed, now you must lie in it.” The bed signifies the means for our rest in the Holy Ghost; that is, obedience to the Word of God and the things of God that yield good works ultimately glorifying our Lord Jesus in heaven. However, the neon flashing self glory seeking hired hirelings preach “Wholesale World! Buy it here for a tithe on the dollar!” Carnival barking, dollar seeking hirelings who care nothing for one’s soul; they barter for souls; great signs flashing “Preacher for hire!” Certainly this is not true for believers, for the true ministers certainly do more for God than for themselves.


Most churches proclaim “All is okay with our church!” Here is a not so attractive truth in a basic arithmetic equation: “An Agreement with hell + Covenant with death = Soul sold on the Auction Block”.


Shall the politically correct church prosper? Let’s see what the Word says. “And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with hell shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it.” (Isaiah 28:18). Doesn’t sound to me that anyone is getting away with anything.


Are we so sure that we have not indeed sold our souls on the auction block of complacency, self-reliance, and self serving luxuries and delicacies of various altars of “what’s in it for me?” Is it possible or even probable that the Lord Jesus is calling us all to repentance in doing those things that He called the first works in order to be pleasing in His sight; lifting up Jesus only and breaking down all self serving barriers that separate the body of the Christ.


There is a clarion call of God going through the land. Have you heard it yet? It is unmistakably Jesus. Will you answer the call? The rest is to be seen and recorded in the annals of heaven concerning the work done on earth in building the kingdom of God as each of us sacrifice ourselves upon the altar outside the camp where we gladly go bearing the reproach of the cross.


Your servant in Christ,

Diane Beard







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