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The Angel of Death






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In 1990, a preacher introduced me to another preacher/friend of his in Baton Rouge, LA. I felt a word for the preacher that I knew and delivered the word to him while the other preacher that I had just met listened. He then affirmed that what I had spoken to the man was truth. Then the preacher that I had just met began to prophesy to me about the angel of deliverance coming to me for God’s people. I received it and then he spoke to me that before this angel of deliverance came to me, that there would be a white faced angel that would come to me first.


Then he proceeded to relate to me an incident of his that happened to him while he was preaching a revival. He told me that he had preached the message to the church and he was wrapping it up with an altar call. A sister that was on the organ was on the platform along with the pastor and this preacher in the pulpit, facing the congregation and the French doors that entered directly into the sanctuary. As he was closing with the organist playing softly, the doors swung open and a white face man appeared standing in the entry way. The white faced man then lifted his arm and pointed his finger at the preacher behind the pulpit. The preacher told me that it looked like he had pointed a pistol at him, the same as it had appeared to the Sister on the organ as well as the pastor. All three dropped as low as they could, thinking that the white faced man was going to shoot at them, toward the platform from the entrance across the congregation. The preacher while on the floor behind the pulpit looked up at the entrance of the door and saw that the white faced man abruptly dropped his arm, turned around, and slammed the two doors to the church. The congregation thought that there was going to be a move of God since all three on the platform had fallen down, not realizing what was happening.


The preacher then jumped up and ran toward the entrance, opening the doors, looking for this white faced man. He told me that everything was dead silent outside the church, not even a faint wind blowing. The pastor followed the preacher outside and was standing with him when, all of a sudden, there was a great twister of a wind that blew through the trees and blew the dirt up off the ground. The pastor then looked to the preacher saying that the preacher should not leave the church, but stay there for the night. (The church was going to have a rest night the next night since this preacher was to preach at another church the following night, and then come back and finish the revival for this pastor. The preacher had planned to leave that night to reach the next church. He then turned to the pastor and agreed to stay on for the revival and not leave for the next church for the one night service as had previously been planned; due to this event.


The next night he preached, staying at the same church where this event had taken place, believing that he was not to leave; taking the white faced man as a warning not to go to the next church. He found out later that night that the previous night, just before midnight, a car of people had been robbed and shot to death…on the same road that this preacher would have taken to go to the next church to preach. He then knew that he had done well in not leaving as he had planned to do previously.


The preacher then proceeded to tell me that he felt to tell me what had happened to him since he felt like this was going to precede the angel of deliverance coming to me. I listened to him and took it to heart.


About a year later, I was staying in Denham Springs, LA at a broke down house that we short term rented for the electricity which was used for our three travel trailers belonging to me and the evangelistic team. I had a tent revival in progress in Plaquemine, LA and it was during this meeting that I had my first experience with this white faced man.


We had finished preaching that night in Plaquemine and had returned back to the house which we had rented where all our travel trailers were hooked up. My son had just put a motor in the Brown Ford Van which was parked in the driveway of the house. I had just talked to a young evangelist who played saxophone and was helping with the music in the tent revival. He was staying with us in Denham Springs.


I left the kitchen where we had been talking onto the back porch, looking toward the driveway. I noticed that it looked like someone was inside the Ford van that was about 50 feet away. A man was on the passenger side…bent down somewhat…as if looking at the engine which is located in the front of the van. I assumed that it was my son Brad doing some work on the engine since he had just put in a new motor. As I walked toward the van, I called a couple of times to my son who I thought was bent over the engine on the passenger side. “Brad, Brad” I called. He did not even look up.


So I walked over to the van to get his attention and to see exactly what he was doing to the motor. About 20 foot from the van, the man looked up and caught my eyes with his eyes. He had a white face, just as if someone had painted it on him. I stopped walking and looked at him…eyeball to eyeball. He did not flinch. Chills and thrills went up my spine…I asked the Lord, “Who is this?” The Lord spoke to me, “This is the angel of death”. I immediately ran toward the man who was in my van….he looked at me and vanished.


The young evangelist came outside the house to the driveway asking me what had happened. I told him that a white faced man was in the van….looking over the engine. He asked me who he was. I said the angel of death. The young evangelist asked what side that the white faced man was on. I said that he was on the passenger side. The young evangelist then told me to sell the van immediately, since the white faced man was the angel of death. I told him that I could not afford to sell the van, for we had just put in a motor….besides I didn’t have the money for another one.


While I was preaching a revival in Hammond, LA for a pastor at an independent Apostolic Church, the pastor’s wife had a dream. After a service one night, my wife and the pastor and his wife were talking and she told me of her dream. She said that she was running from a man who was trying to kill her. She ran to a two story apartment complex…and ran up the stairs to the second level and began to beat on the door. She said that I opened the door and she ran into the room, telling me that a man was after her, trying to kill her. She told me also that my son Brad was in the room.


She said that I just laughed and told her not to worry, that she was safe inside the apartment. At that time, a man broke the door down, coming into the room where she, my son, and I were. She said the man started beating me, throwing me all over the room, bringing blood to me. The man she said was beating me like a sack of potatoes. He knocked me down on the floor, being knocked out.


She noticed that my son was hurt on the floor also, with white stuff all over his face. When I asked what the “white stuff” was, she replied that it looked like after-birth. She wiped it from his face and began praying for him. She looked up and saw the man take a can of red spray paint…grabbed me as I was on the floor, and was about to spray a target on my back…as if making a bulls eye. She said at that time, I awakened and stood up with all my might….throwing my arms at the man….I hit the man and knocked him out. She said that I did not kill him….only knocked him out.


That was the end of her dream. My wife asked what it meant…and why Brad, our son? I said that I didn’t know…but that we should pray for Brad. All agreed. About a week later, I had rented a lot in Amite, LA for a tent revival which would follow the revival in Hammond, LA. After the tent revival, we were scheduled to preach a revival for Pastor Tiny Hoyt in Jackson, LA. We had stretched the tent and was finishing it up, getting ready for the start night which was Friday night. The pastor had allowed us to keep our travel trailers hooked up in Hammond while preparing for the tent revival in Amite.


While we were preparing for the revival, one of the other owners of the property demanded that I drop the tent and leave the property in Amite immediately; otherwise, I would be locked up for trespassing. His nephew was the local sheriff. This man’s sister had given us permission to use the lot for a tent revival, but he owned the night club just across the street and demanded us to leave. I could not reason with the man, nor would he take money….he demanded in no uncertain terms…for us to leave.


I told my son, along with the pastor’s sons and two other young men, to drop the tent and take it to Brother Hoyt’s church for storage. They were in the process of doing this on a Friday night, (the same day that the owner demanded that we leave or be put in jail), when a young boy was impressed of the Lord that something bad was going to happen. All the boys then decided to pray that God would take care of the situation. It was the next night, at almost midnight that we received a phone call from the Clinton Hospital to us in Hammond, Louisiana, that there had been a wreck and that we should get there as fast as possible. I demanded to know the condition of the pastor’s two sons, my son, and the two other young men that were helping take down the tent.  I asked if they were dead or alive. Still the nurse would not answer me, only telling me to get to the hospital in Clinton as soon as possible.


We left Hammond in the pastor’s car… (the pastor and his wife, me and my wife). We arrived at the Clinton Hospital at about 1:00 AM. My son was the first boy that we saw when we walked in….bleeding badly….with a hole about the size of a silver dollar between his eyes….in his nose. Here is what happened that night as they moved the tent from Amite to Jackson.


The brown Ford van which belonged to the ministry had blown a tire on the passenger side. They had pulled the van to the side of the road, but there is little shoulder on this road; leaving them half on the road and half on the shoulder. Since there was no light to change the tire, the young men had turned the pastor’s pickup around, facing the van, so that they could see to change the tire. My son along with the young 12 year old boy was changing the tire with the other three standing beside the van talking.


At this time, a man who was drunk came around the curve doing in excess of 100 miles per hour in an old Chrysler Cordoba. The young men heard the tires squealing and the sound of the racing engine about a quarter of a mile from them. My son was loosening the lug nuts along with the young men beside the van when the drunk ran his car into the pastor’s pickup which in turn hit the van which hit the young men. The van was knocked into the ditch, hitting the young men, knocking three of them unconscious into the ditch. The young 12 year old boy that was beside my son went in under the van, being run over by it. My son had the tire tool hit him directly between his eyes, shattering his nose and putting a deep hole between his eyes.


All were knocked unconscious but my son Brad. He saw the ones knocked out in the ditch first, and ran over to them, yelling at them…to see if they were alright. They began to come to consciousness…one had bad cuts on the arm, another could not move, his back being badly hit….the other had a compound fracture of his leg, bones sticking out where the van had hit him on impact. My son then started calling for the 12 year old boy who had been beside him at point of impact. He could not find him anywhere. He then looked under the Ford van and saw the young boy wrapped around the back axle, knocked unconscious. He crawled under the wrecked van and pulled him off the axle, pulling him to the ditch with the others. Both the pastor’s pickup and the Ford van were totaled, as well as the drunkard’s Cordoba.


People started gathering on the road, seeing the wreckage and strewn bodies. At this time, the young men had the Holy Ghost come over them…and they began speaking in other tongues like machine gun fire. When the spectators heard this strange sound coming from the young men, they would not come down into the ditch for fear. All were conscious, except for the 12 year old boy. The ambulances arrived and took them to Clinton Hospital. All were on gurneys and neck braces except my son who refused, but was bleeding badly through the hole between his eyes caused by the tire tool. One of the young men had to have a splint due to the compound fracture. The young 12 year old boy was still unconscious…the hospital began the X-rays. They called in another radiologist because of the number of injuries, and they were afraid for the young 12 year old since he had not gained consciousness for over 3 hours.


The two pastors and I went around to each room, praying for each one of them. While we were praying for one of the young men who was called to preach, he related that in the tent revival that we had held in Hammond, Louisiana, that I had prophesied that some there were going to see angels. He said that when that was prophesied that the Lord spoke to him, that he was one of them. He told us that he heard the screaming of the engine of a car, then the next thing he knew, is that he was in a deep ditch off of the road. He excitedly stated that he saw a ladder, maybe like Jacob’s ladder, that was dropped down from heaven. He said that he saw angels coming down on that ladder; fifty at a time, then a hundred at a time. He went on to say that they appeared to gathering things up in the field where they had landed, but that none was coming over to him, to pick him up. At that point, he said that he thought that he was going to die…and probably not be with Jesus, since the angels were neglecting him. All the young men related to us later that there was a great darkness while they were in that ditch, waiting for the ambulances to arrive. They said that the mooing of the cows was even ominous and dreary.


There are many events that happened while all of these young men were in the hospital. The doctors sewed them up, bandaged them, kept giving them x-rays, and were especially worried that the young 12 year old boy was in a coma, since he had not come out of it for hours. At about 4:30 that morning, the hospital staff had taken the young man with the compound fracture for x-rays….he had just had the x-rays when he began yelling at us (three preachers standing in the hallway) “Brother Beard….Brother Beard…I’m healed!” He was walking on his own; the compound fracture had been totally healed….


At 8:00 A.M. that Sunday morning, the Clinton Hospital released all young men and the 12 year old boy, stating that all were okay. One of the doctors declared “The man upstairs was walking these halls”. Yes, the Man Jesus was walking those hospital halls and rooms, healing each boy and young man there. Now, they are all okay…doing a work for God.


Later I saw the young evangelist who played saxophone and helped that night that I saw the white faced man in the Ford Van; he asked me, “Brother Beard, what side was your van hit on?” I told him the passenger side…the same side that the white faced man was on when I saw him.


God was on the scene, healing all that night.


Not too long ago, a preacher friend of mine was letting me hook up my motor home at his home in Poplarville, MS. We had talked for awhile that night, and my wife and I had gone to the motor home, getting ready to retire. There was a knock on the door, and my friend asked me a question about the white faced man. “Didn’t you tell me about a white faced man quite a while back?” I told him that I had told him about this angel of death. He then told me that he had seen a white faced man that night in a vision bending over the passenger side of his daughter’s car, a Chrysler Laser. My friend said that the white faced man was looking at something under the hood of his daughter’s car. I asked where the car was…to not drive it….park it for a while and leave it alone. He then told me that his parents’ car was not running and he had loaned his daughter’s car to them. I told him to go get the car immediately. He told me that he would get it in the morning, since it was so late at night.


The next morning, my wife woke me, telling me to get outside of the motor home, for there had been a wreck. I jumped up, got dressed, and ran outside where there had been a wreck. This preacher’s parents had gone to the grocery store across the street from this preacher’s house where we were hooked up in our motor home. They had gotten groceries and were waiting at a stop sign, when the preacher’s dad in his daughter’s car pulled out onto the road. A pickup came across the hill at a high rate of speed and could not stop, hitting the preacher’s parents on the passenger side of the car. The preacher’s dad was driving and was not hurt, but his mother who was on the passenger side could not move. I ran over to her while the men from the ambulance were trying to get her onto the gurney. She saw me and told the men that she wanted prayer before they went any further, and she told me to come and pray for her. Her faith prevailed…she nevertheless went to the hospital on the gurney and was kept under observation. The preacher’s parents both were okay and survived the wreck. The Chrysler Laser was totaled.


God has been good to me, to my family, and to all these others in the ministry of Jesus. I wanted to relate this about the white faced man, in case someone else sees him; so that you will know who and what he is. God is greater. We fear no one but God. This was simply written to give the Lord Jesus honor and glory for all that He Is and what He did for all these that He kept from death.


Dennis A. Beard







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