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Testimony of Waylan Hoyt






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I was a boxer and I’d had my nose broken several times. The broken bones in my nose had grown back together. I could not breathe through my nose; I could only breathe through my mouth. Even though I did not have the Holy Ghost and my Dad was the Pastor of the church, there was a powerful move of the Holy Ghost. I was called out by Bro. Beard and I reluctantly went to the front for prayer. Bro. Beard said he saw two fingers in the Spirit come down and went inside each side of my nose.  He told me that JESUS had stuck His fingers down each side of my nostrils. He backed up and said “SNORT! Close your mouth and breathe only through your nose!”  JESUS had opened my nose to where I could breathe through both nostrils. He opened both the right and left side of my nose. Thank  you JESUS!

This is the testimony of Waylan Hoyt






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