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Testimony of 18 Year Old Tiffani Lato






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In this society being a teenager is hard enough. You have many worries and struggles. I have always tried to do my best; but, I could never seem to persevere enough to get better and through. I struggled with school, friends, family and even playing sports. When I got my job I was so excited. Nobody in my family ever got a job at such a young age. I knew I had to support myself so my family would not struggle. About a month into my job I got diagnosed with a brain tumor. Where was I to go from there? My family was barely ever there for me. I’m not close to my Mom like I wish I was. I went to many, many, doctor appointments alone. I never knew where to look. Every once in a while my Aunt would go with me. None of the Doctors knew what was wrong. They put me through many different tests, many shots and medicines, and a lot of bills. I was lost. I did as much as I could do to pay for all my medical bills, worked and worked, picked up as many shifts as possible. I finally started to talk to two people who changed my life; I never thought could be true. We hung out a couple of times; I gained some confidence and support. I knew they were ALWAYS there when I needed them. Then I was invited to go to church; I was very nervous, I hardly went all my life. I had no idea on anything in the Bible. I was very absent minded. The night, after the service, I felt saved and happy. He preached on what sin was and what happened to people who did. I was one of those people. I always had bad thoughts, swore and cursed, had suicide thoughts, made fun of people because I was jealous and most of all I barely believed in God. I did not know any better. So I kept going to Church every Wednesday night. Those nights, I always looked forward to. I had time to think over many things and talk about them to somebody I know would listen. I was always happy I was so pleased with the way it made me feel. I started going on Sundays. I absolutely love it! A couple months ago I wrote this to myself: “Lord, please save me from this. My trust is all in your hands! I give it all to you. I don’t want to deal with this stress anymore. Please help me”. As I learned more and more about Jesus Christ, the more my faith grew. I prayed every morning, before every game (thanking him I could play sports) and every night. I gave everything to him one night; I was tired of dealing with everything and wanted him to help me through this. Sunday, October 17th, 2010, my Doctor called and left me a voicemail that everything was normal. I figured nothing had changed. Monday, the 18th, my Aunt called the doctor and he said, “There is no tumor, it’s gone. There was nothing to be found, it’s all gone”. God saved me! He took away all my pain. I am now brain tumor free! I have done much better in school and sports. I got all As and 2 Bs. I am now a starter for volleyball. I am working on building my relationship with my parents. I just wanted to say thanks to all that helped me get to this point. You saved and changed my life. Thank you! My prayers were answered! THANK YOU JESUS!! Amen.


Tiffani Lato



This testimony is true to the word. My name is Robert Hoisington and I know this young lady. This letter has inspired me and built my faith beyond measure. God is in control of our lives and every breath we take and I thank him for being the healer that he is! This young lady has touched the hearts of many people. I hope this touches your heart as well.


We are members of Whole Truth Tabernacle in House Springs, MO.


Robert Hoisington







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