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I would like to share this with everyone. About a year ago a doctor was going to do surgery on my shoulder and he required a chest x-ray before all surgeries. After seeing the x-ray, he thought I had mesothelioma. He was so worried that he ordered a CT scan. After reading the results, he made an appointment for me with a Pulmonary doctor. It was six weeks away, so I decided to get a second opinion. All my x-rays, including the CT scan, was sent to a group of doctors that concluded it was asbestosis. It had not turned into mesothelioma, the fastest growing lung cancer. After waiting and praying to God for six weeks, I was off to see the specialist. He looked at the same x-rays as the others did and said there was nothing to get excited about. There was very little there and not to worry about it. He wanted me to have another scan in six months to see if it was growing. He also said there is no cure for it if it spreads. I thought if there is no cure, why spend the $50 co-pay to find out I was dying. After a year, I joined Veteran's Insurance Group and they ran me through all kinds of tests to see what I was made of including a chest x-ray. When all the results came back I found I was in good shape and asked the doctor about the asbestos on my lungs. She informed me there was nothing there. I asked her to check again because the doctors said I had it and they said it can't go away once it is there. It can only get worse. I told her I had been prayed for healing and wanted to know if it was gone. She checked again and said it was gone. They say there is no cure; I say they don't know Who I know! God took all that stuff off my lungs, cleaned me up just for the asking, possibly saving my life. I believe very much in His saving and healing power. God is in control and has touched my life in a way it is hard to explain; but, I am thankful for it. Seek God with all your heart and He will be there for you also.


Robert Hoisington

Member of Whole Truth Tabernacle

House Springs, MO






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