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Man with Enlarged Heart Healed by JESUS






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Tent revival in Dallas, TX...


Bro. Beard preaching in the middle of a service when a man drove up in an old Chrysler outside the tent and would not come inside the tent. Bro. Beard stopped preaching because he felt from God to walk outside the tent and tell the man to come inside that God has something for him. The man refused saying he would sit on the hood of his car and listen. Bro. Beard was tenacious and unwavering telling the man that God had something for him if he would come inside the tent. The man slowly, very slowly, walked inches at a time inside the tent. After the long period of time it took the man to walk in under the tent, Bro. Beard handed the man the microphone. Bro. Beard said “Testify.” The man took the microphone and began to tell the congregation that he loved JESUS and gave a short testimony of how he loved the LORD. Bro. Beard took the microphone back and said “Is there something that you need from God?” The man said “I have been sent home to die with an enlarged heart. My son is in Germany in the army and has been given a special leave to come back for my funeral knowing that I have but a short time.” The man took very small steps and was totally out of breath only walking from the car to underneath the tent. The LORD then spoke to Bro. Beard to tell the man to run. So Bro. Beard told the man to “RUN!” The man looked at Bro. Beard bewildered and said “God spoke to me the same thing. God told me to RUN!” Bro. Beard then yelled at him “RUN!” The man took off in a slow inch by inch walk. The tent was a 60’ x 90’ and he was in the center of the tent. So he ran from the center of the tent to the curtain which was 45 feet and back again another 45 feet. The man was huffing and puffing but he continued to stride along inch by inch trying to run. Three quarters of the way to the tent curtain he sped up a little bit and began a fast walk like something was breaking off of him. After he turned around to come back, for the remaining 45 feet he began to trot! By the time he got back to the center of the tent where Bro. Beard was he was not breathing heavy at all. Bro. Beard looked at him again and said “RUN!” This time he took off again in a good trot and came back to the center of the tent and this time he started doing exercises doing a side straddle hop. Bro. Beard threw him the microphone and said “How do you feel?” He said “I could whip Mike Tyson!” He was healed. After the service that night, the man stayed another 2 hours giving everyone ice trays and walking canes which he sold for a living.






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