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Elderly Woman's Blind Eyes Opened by JESUS






"And how shall they preach, except they be sent?"  Romans 10:15a


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Revival at International House of Prayer in Charleston South Carolina...


Bro. Beard is preaching a revival for Bro. Heart. The song service had ended and Bro. Beard had taken the microphone to preach that night. While he took the microphone, an elderly pastor and his wife in their 70s got up and walked out. Bro. Beard began to read the scripture to begin his sermon when the woman, followed by the elderly man, walked back into the church disrupting the service. Bro. Beard asked her “Is there anything wrong or what can we do for you?” The elderly woman replied “God spoke to me in the parking lot and told me if I walked back in here He’d heal me.” Bro. Beard replied “What’s wrong with you?” She said “I’m blind. I cannot see out of either eye. My husband helps me around.” Bro. Beard walked off the platform spit in his hands, placed his thumbs over her eyes telling the entire congregation to stretch forth their hands and pray and said “Ephphatha!”… which means “Be thou opened”. Bro. Beard gave her a song book and said “Read it.” She said “I can read the title but I can’t read the verses.” Bro. Beard took the song book from her and laid it back down. He spit in his hands again and put his thumbs over her eyes and said “Ephphatha, be thou opened!” Bro. Beard handed her a song book again. She began screaming “I can see, I can see!” This was the fifth night of the revival. She immediately grabbed the microphone from Bro. Beard and preached for one hour saying that she had been disobedient to God and had not fulfilled her role as a prophetess. That night she was healed. She called Bro. Heart the following morning vacuuming her floor saying "Pastor Heart, I want to give you a report that I am still healed!”








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