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Testimony of Diane Beard






"And how shall they preach, except they be sent?"  Romans 10:15a


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God sent Bro. Beard an angel of deliverance which he did not understand nor did he feel comfortable with. Bro. Beard knew and felt comfortable with the Holy Ghost but did not feel comfortable with angels. In 1990, Bro. Jerry Lambert stated that God was going to send Bro. Beard the angel of deliverance because His people needed to be delivered.


Bro. Hal Higgins, at a prophecy conference in 2004, gave Bro. Beard a word in Long Beach, MS at Pastor RJ Buras’ church. His Word delivered was as follows:  “God has sent an angel of protection to you because one of your family members is nigh unto death. God has sent the angel of deliverance to you because God’s people need to be delivered.  And God has sent the angel of… the angel of… and the angel of…  repeating it over 2 or 3 times not knowing what the last angel was.


Bro. Beard, along with his family, left the prophecy conference on a Friday at noon after having received this word admonishing his family members to be careful in driving some 8 ½ hours back to Houston. It was raining very hard and they had an 8 ½ hour drive back home thinking possibly there could be a wreck or some other harmful occurrence because of this word. However, Bro. Beard and his family got back to Houston without incident. After getting back to Houston at almost midnight that night, Bro. Beard went into his bedroom waking up his wife saying “Honey I’m back.” She immediately woke up out of the bed saying “Honey I almost got killed today.” Bro. Beard replied “What happened?” Sis. Beard then began to explain what happened to her early that morning on her way to work in League City, TX driving from Houston. She was driving 45 South to League City in heavy rain and halfway there was an eighteen wheeler in the far left-hand lane along with an SUV that had been driving very dangerously whipping in and out of traffic. The SUV passed both the trucker and Sis. Beard and lost control of the vehicle going in circles in front of the eighteen wheeler truck. The trucker immediately slammed on his brakes losing control of his box trailer which slid sideways with the trailer coming straight at Sis. Beard. The truck had jack-knifed and was headed straight for her. Sis. Beard said it was like it had her name on it. She said everything appeared to be moving in slow motion. The only place she could go was to the right lane and kept going over. She went all the way over until she came to the cement wall and stopped since she could go no further. She was screaming “JESUS!” and prepared for the impact of the semi-box. She braced herself for the impact seeing the box of the tractor trailer rig was heading at her at a very high speed at around 60 mph, not slowing down in the least. The box got within one foot of her door and immediately suddenly, abruptly, stopped and bounced straight up and down…the Hand of God stopping that tractor trailer box. The tractor trailer rig had blocked all lanes of traffic with the box one foot from Sis Beard’s door which had the emergency lane blocked and all traffic was stopped. What could have been a catastrophe was stopped by the LORD as He dispatched his angel of protection. Sis Beard was dazed and in shock as the trucker came to the car yelling “Are you ok?” He kept repeating himself over and over. She told him “I’m ok.” He said “Well I’ve got to go move the truck out of the way as we’ve blocked all lanes.”


Bro. Hal Higgins’ prophecy came to pass that morning at 5:30 a.m. Bro. Beard then believed that the Angel of the LORD had indeed been sent by the LORD JESUS to him for the deliverance of His people.

Testimony of Diane Beard







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