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Hear O Israel the LORD Our God is One LORD





Car Accident Victim Healed by JESUS






"And how shall they preach, except they be sent?"  Romans 10:15a


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Baton Rouge, LA under the Gospel Tent on Harry Drive


A single man in his mid-40s came under the tent who had been in a bad car accident. His bones were fractured to where he could not lift his arms above his shoulders. Bro. Beard was preaching the Word and had not yet prayed for the sick. The man stood up and started throwing his hands above his head and yelling “THANK YOU JESUS!” Bro. Beard stopped preaching and said “What is it?” He came to the platform giving his testimony that he had been in a car wreck. He had had open heart surgery and since then he could not raise his arms above his shoulders. He said while the Word was being brought, the LORD touched him and healed him. He then could raise his arms and hands above his head telling everyone how wonderful it was to have the use of his arms and hands again.







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