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Testimony of Bro. Farley






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1991 Church Revival at Lighthouse Pentecostal Church


I was preaching during a Holy Ghost move. I up walked to a huge man which weighed about 300 lbs. I felt that he had boils all over his body. I told the man he had boils and prayed for him rebuking all manner of blood disease in his body. I also prayed for his eyesight because he could barely see. That was a Tuesday night. After the service, he went home. He did not come back to the service the following night. I thought something was wrong or he had been offended. He came back Thursday night at the beginning of the preaching service and he wanted the microphone. According to Bro. Farley he went home that Tuesday night laid down in bed and the boils burst open bleeding all over the place and kept bleeding through the following day. That is the reason why he did not come back to church the following night because of his bleeding. However, he stated that God healed all the boils and that his eyesight was better. He told his wife to make him a bowl of chili and crackers. In the past, he had had a stomach disorder; but, he sat down and ate this big bowl of chili. He had no problem and said “Thank God I had not been a husband to my wife in over 2 years; but, I was a husband to my wife last night! I thank God for the healing!”

This is the testimony of Bro. Farley






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