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A tent revival was scheduled for two weeks in Amite, Louisiana. We had just finished a three week revival at Pastor Joe Stone’s church in Hammond, Louisiana. The Dennis Beard Ministry team had an agreement with a lady who was donating her lot for the tent revival in Amite, just across from a night club. The team had gone in to set the tent up for revival and had been there for about a week. The 50’ X 80’ tent was up, chairs were up, and platform was ready for the instruments and PA system. The brother of the lady who had given the ministry permission to set up on her lot came to the tent location; irate and demanded that we vacate the lot in 24 hours or we would be put in prison; stating that his son was a sheriff. The brother was the owner of the night club just adjacent to the tent lot. We had no choice but to move and drop the tent.

Brother Joe Stone’s sons; Joe Jr. and Chad Stone; along with Glenn Bickford; Jeff Darnell and myself were loading the tent, putting the tent in the ministry van and in Brother Joe Stone’s pickup truck as we did not have a semi-truck yet. The Friday night before, Brother Chad Stone said that he saw a stranger in under the tent and did not feel good about it.

While my Dad and Mom, Dennis and Diane Beard, were staying back in their travel trailer beside Pastor Joe Stone’s church in Hammond, Louisiana; Sister Dorothy Stone had a dream which she relayed to her husband, Pastor Joe Stone, and to my Dad and Mom while at dinner the week before. The dream she had was as follows: Sister Dorothy Stone was being chased by a huge man who was trying to kill her. She ran frantically to a two story building; ran up the stairs to the second floor; and beat on the door. She kept beating and beating on the door when my Dad answered the door, telling her to come into the room. Dad shut the door but did not lock it. Sister Dorothy Stone told my Dad to lock the door because a man was coming after her, to kill her. Dad told her not to worry; that she was safe in the room with the door shut.

Sister Dorothy Stone said that suddenly the door burst open with a man running into the room. She said that this man beat my Dad all over the room; throwing him around and beating him like a “sack of potatoes”. My Dad fell out on the floor knocked out. The attacking man then took a spray can of red paint, set Dad up on his knees; and then sprayed a circle like a bull’s eye on his back. He then took a knife and proceeded to kill him by knifing him in the back.  

She said about that time, as the man was going to knife him in the back, Dad awoke and stood up suddenly, knocking the man to the floor. She said, “He is knocked out, but he is not dead”. She then looked around the room and saw me lying on the floor with a white substance all over my face; she hesitated, and then said it looked like afterbirth. She said that my dad and she should pray for me fervently since I was in bad shape, even unto death.

That was the dream that Sister Dorothy Stone told to her husband, my Dad and to my Mom. My Dad told my Mom that we must begin praying for me.

On the Saturday, the following day, we were making our last load of the tent in both the ministry van and Brother Stone’s pickup when we had a blowout on the right front of the van.

I should also relay to you that during a previous revival in Plaquemine, Louisiana while we were hooked up in Denham Springs, Louisiana, my Dad came out a little before midnight and saw a man in the ministry van, the same van that we were using to move the tent. The man he saw was on the passenger side bending over the motor as if working on it. My Dad thought it was me at first. He called “Brad! Brad!” while walking toward the van. The unusual thing about this man was that his face was totally white, as if his face were painted white. However, when he was about thirty feet away, the man looked up from above the engine on the passenger side, and looked directly at Dad, catching him “eye ball to eye ball”. My Dad said that “chills and thrills” ran down his spine; knowing that this man was not of God.

Dad asked the Lord, “Lord, who is this?". The Lord said, “This is the spirit of death”. Dad then ran toward the man in the van who vanished suddenly; “poof”…he was gone. Brother John Buras who was helping my Dad in revival asked Dad what had just happened. He told him. Brother John then told my Dad to sell the van immediately. My Dad responded that we had just put in a new engine and could not afford to sell the van, as it was our only means of hauling the tent and supplies.

We were hauling the tent to Pastor Tiny Hoyt’s church in Jackson, Louisiana where we were to have the next revival. That Saturday night while making the last load, the front passenger side tire blew out on the ministry van. Jeff Darnell was driving the ministry van and immediately pulled over to the edge of the road on state Highway 19 just out of Clinton, Louisiana. I was driving Brother Joe Stone’s pickup since Brother Stone had stated that I would be the only one to drive it. I was in the lead ahead of the van when I noticed that Jeff was not behind me, not knowing that he had a blow out on the right side passenger front tire. I turned the pickup around and went back seeing that he had a blow out and pulled the pickup in front of the van so we could have some light in order to change the front tire.

While I was removing the lug nuts, Brother Glenn Bickford and Brother Joe Stone, Jr. were talking beside the van; Brother Jeff Darnell and Brother Chad Stone were just on the side of me talking while I was changing the tire. We all noticed that the cattle on each side of the highway were making groaning sounds, very unusual, and all these cattle were by the fence. It was very strange to say the least. That is when a car running at over 100 miles an hour came around the curve about a hundred yards from us; lost control of his Chrysler Cordoba and hit Brother Joe Stone’s pickup in the rear; knocking it into the van; which in turn hit all five of us.

The tire tool hit me in my nose; breaking the bones and tearing a large hole in my head; about the size of a silver dollar. I was not knocked out. I went forward; they went backward, farther down the road. However, all of the other four were hit by the side of the van, knocking them out; most into the ditch. Brother Joe Jr., Jeff Darnell, and Glenn Bickford were knocked out lying in the ditch. Jeff Darnell was hit so hard, it knocked him out of his shoes. I found out later that Glenn Bickford had a compound fracture; his leg being broken completely in half; definitely could not walk; the bones sticking out of his pant leg. Joe Jr. was hit hard in the back while Jeff Darnell was hurt in his elbow.

I could not find Chad Stone. He was not anywhere in sight. Finally I looked under the van which had been knocked completely around; doing a full 180 degrees. The other three that were in the ditch were just now coming to. I told them that I could not find Chad.  I found Chad wrapped around the rear end and drive shaft; the van having gone over him; knocking his head into the pavement. I pulled Chad out from under the van. His face was full of gravel pits as his head had been dragged over the pavement. The problem was that I could not find a pulse on him. I thought for sure that he was dead. I was bleeding so badly from my nose that it was hard to see. So I put my ear up to his chest and could not hear a pulse. I then pulled Chad to the ditch where the other three were lying. Still I could not find a pulse.

We all started praying for Chad; breaking out in tongues. The cars stopped on the side of the Highway as they could not pass due to the wreck site. No one came down to help us. I guess they heard us praying in tongues; tongues like machine guns. Finally the EMS came and loaded us all up; the police also showed up at the same time. I remember a black man in an Adidas running suit came up to me; looking at me. I asked him “How bad was it” referring to my face. He replied “It’ll be alright. They can fix that man”. I could tell the way that he was looking at me that it was bad. That is when I went to find a side mirror on the van to see how bad it really was. Then I became mad at the man who had hit us. He was yelling for his mother. The first EMS picked up Chad and me as we looked the worst. They got a pulse on Chad; he was going in and out of consciousness. The other EMS picked up Glenn Bickford, Jeff Darnell, and Joe Jr.

They rushed us to Zachary hospital. I heard Chad screaming my name, “Brad, Brad, Brad!”. In the meantime the Zachary hospital had called Pastor Stone’s home. Brother Stone answered the phone and called to my Dad, “There’s been a wreck!”. Brother and Sister Stone along with my Dad and Mom drove from Hammond to Zachary to the hospital. My Mom came in looked at me and fainted. I was bleeding pretty badly; had a towel held to my nose which was full of blood. My Mom was okay though; it was just the shock of seeing me bleeding with a hole in between my eyes. All began praying for us. Dad and Brother Stone were met by Pastor Tiny Hoyt from Jackson, Louisiana who then began going from each room; praying for each one of us. Dad prayed for me in the lobby, telling me that God would heal me to the point that no one could see or even notice that I had been hit with a tire tool in my face with a deep hole in my nose.

They then went to Jeff Darnell’s room and prayed for him. Jeff had to have stitches in his elbow, but was conscious. Joe Stone Jr. was hit hard in the back, but was okay also. Glenn Bickford however had a compound fracture that had to be set, and could not walk. When Dad and the other ministers went into his room to pray for him, he said “Brother Beard, you said someone would see angels. When I woke up, I saw a ladder going all the way to heaven and angels coming down on that ladder. They were not coming after me. I yelled at them to come get me. I was scared that I was dying and had missed heaven”.

The angels were there to minister to Glenn. My Dad had prophesied this at the Hammond tent revival that we held just before this happened. While Dad, Brother Stone, and Brother Hoyt were in the hallway talking after praying for all at around 4:00 a.m., they heard a voice yelling at them from down the hallway. It was Glenn yelling “Brother Beard! I can walk! I can walk!” Immediately after yelling this to my Dad, he fell out unconscious. He was not dead; not even hurt. But he had passed out; however, he was okay.

Chad Stone was the main focus now; having been in a coma for awhile. Doctors had called in another radiologist for the extra x-rays that were being done on us; and especially on Chad. It was early Sunday morning when he came to. The good news is that by 10:00 a.m. that Sunday morning, the doctors came up to my parents and these pastors and said that all five of us were fine and could go home. They released us. The doctors said “God was walking the hallways that night”. I agree.

Brad Beard







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