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Artwork by Pat Marvenko Smith, copyright ©

1982/1992 -


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A local pastor of a One God Jesus name organization was in his study scanning the top of his desk for possible means of revival and renewal in aiding church growth since it had been a few months since anyone was baptized or received the Holy Ghost. His eyes pondered over this evangelist that had a new message of hair anointing that he had heard was shaking the organization and a new sounding contemporary band that was packing people in during their concerts. In the mean time, this concerned Pastor had talked with his father/mentor in the organization as to the direction he should carry his church to since his pastor was a sincere man of God with many years of experience under his belt in church growth. Prayer groups are meeting around the clock with designated days for fasting for a move of God called on by the pastor with the congregation being excited for God to answer according to their faith and continual prayers.


What is going on? Why aren’t we seeing revival with all this preparation on the local church body’s part? Some state that we must go back to Azuza Street for another Pentecostal move birthed in prayer and fasting. The truth is that God has moved His glory from off the threshold of the house to over the cherubim of glory. The glory of the old time Pentecostal move has moved from the church as the woman cries in pain, travailing in birth to be delivered in a new birth in the kingdom of God. “Ichabod” has been written over the doors with God presenting proceeding truth into the knowledge of the Son of God. The reign of Saul is coming to its end with a new Davidic move of God, for God is judging with the sword that proceeds out of his mouth; that is, the proceeding Word in present truth brought in by the apostles and prophets.


Anyone with a prayer life at all knows that God is changing things from the old to the new; the new thing that God promised that He would do in the last days, these days, my friend. But few if any are heeding the call. The faithful are hearing the still small voice of God to prepare for the time to come in the revelation of Jesus Christ to all the world. For God is not mocked, that that is determined shall be done. The revelation of the Son of man is a necessity for a believer in order to be accounted worthy of the kingdom of God. Most believe that repentance and baptism in the name of Jesus Christ and receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost with a standard of holiness is all there is to entering into the glory of God in the last day move of God to all the world which is just not true. For the Holy Ghost will lead us and guide us into all truth, not partial truth. For all that we as the body of Christ have at present is the earnest of the Spirit of God until we receive the promised possession of the kingdom which is all in part; for we prophecy in part, we have knowledge in part.; but when that which is perfect is come in the man being born, then that which is in part will be done away with.


The church is experiencing the greatest move of God in the woman bringing forth the manchild; the man which is the perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. The cherubim of glory have the appearance of a man, this manchild which has four faces, the glory of God manifested in the manchild caught up to God and to his throne. While the woman is nurturing and loving, being patient over her children since they do not know right from wrong, she tenderly oversees their activities in leading and teaching them the truth. When we were a child, we spoke as a child, we understood as a child, but when we become a man, we put away childish things. Things change when a child becomes a man; thinking becomes different, movement becomes different, worship becomes different. It is a higher level of glory which is not the same as when one was a child, for growth caused by time has changed everything. The same is true in the church. God is come, time is changed; maturity of works that accompany salvation in fruit is being examined by the Lord Jesus. The Lord will bless the ones who believe the present truth in reward who have brought forth fruit unto perfection, but will take away from those who do not the things that they have. This is the present state of the church as it goes from past glory into the present glory brought about by the belief of the truth.


Many have wondered how God will gather all things together in one in Christ Jesus since the various organizations cannot agree on anything, let alone all the local churches. God is not speaking to the organizations nor to the local churches as such; for God is speaking through the five fold ministry that is calling God’s people out of man made doctrines of dogmas and organizations of man. Babylon is confusion, straight and simple. It is not a government, a country, or a nation; it is the spirit of confusion. Confusion is due to unbelief, for when a believer does not believe the present truth in the proceeding Word of God as it is proclaimed in the time of visitation, then the believer becomes an unbeliever. The state of unbelief in the church causes stagnation in the flow of truth from the throne of God to the heart of the believer; thus Jesus does not find their works perfect and calls them to repentance. It is the Lord Jesus’ will for us to come to full maturity in Christ unto a perfect man; not a man who only believes Acts 2:38 is total salvation, but one who believes all things unto salvation, overcoming unto the end.


The spirit of a woman is different than that of a man. When a child is growing up and things happen, he or she goes to the mother for comfort and understanding. The man on the other hand seems stouter and stronger, demanding more of the child in order for them to handle their difficulties and to aid them in growing up, becoming fully mature. Some call this “tough love” realizing that to be fully mature is not to have the same mindset as that of a child, always needing to be assisted in the basic things of life, but to become fully grown in the things of God, not being tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine, eating strong meat rather than sucking on a milk bottle and even sometimes a pacifier.


God is doing the same thing now in the church, changing us all into a full grown man, a fully mature mirror image of Himself so that He can present the church a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle to Himself. Most will agree that Jesus is not coming back after a church that is not fully grown and mature who has made herself ready. She must be presented blameless at the appearing of the Lord Jesus, both spirit, soul, and body.  It is time for the believers to come out of their manmade organizations which are being led by men. Man cannot organize or move the Spirit of God. But where will you go if you leave this man-made organization since all your heritage is in it, even some for many generations? I will tell where you will go. You will go into the wilderness where you will learn the present truth of God which He has already spoken from the throne and we as the church are late in receiving it. It is in the wilderness that you will be until the day of the Lord’s appearing, when he will be revealed to all the world, for a witness to all nations, and then the end will come.


But before the end comes, you will enter into the same glory that Jesus had in the days of his flesh, doing the same works that he did, and greater works that these shall you do, because Jesus has paid it all for you to obtain His glory by belief of the truth and sanctification of your whole man; spirit, soul, and body. God is calling for His sanctified ones, his mighty ones that are called for His glory to come out now from all man-made organizations and hear His voice; the voice of many waters, the voice of a multitude, the voice of the Almighty God Jesus Christ. But who will hear and lay to heart these things that are now being revealed unto God’s servants the things that will shortly come to pass. God is doing His part. All the time that Noah was building the Ark preaching the new thing concerning rain, for it had only dewed upon the earth until that time, most believed that God was not doing good, nor evil, for they believed that all things continued as they were from the beginning until the day….the day that Noah entered into the Ark. There are committee meetings at the church, singings, preaching by the most popular orators, chili dinners and ice cream suppers until the believers in the wilderness enter into the Ark of God; for as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it also be in days of the coming of the Son of man.


The Ark of the Testimony is the man; the ones that have the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ unto a perfect man; those that have the Testimony….the testimony of Jesus which is the spirit of prophecy. At present, there are only a few here and a few there that are believing the present truth; but there will be a multitude which no man can number that will enter into His glory and follow Him whithersoever he goeth in the present move of God. Yes, neighbor, God is mightily moving right now preparing his chosen ones for his glory that is soon to be revealed in all the earth. Be sober, be vigilant. God is faithful who has promised; for he will not bring to the birth and not bring forth; for the man will be birthed in one day. God is giving the apostles the proceeding Word just as he has always done in times past; the prophets are prophesying it, the body of Christ is now receiving it to the saving of their souls.


“Calling God’s People Out” is the motto of DBMI; for God is calling his people out of denominations and all doctrines and dogmas of man unto all truth; unto perfection, being full grown in Christ through his grace whereby God is able to subdue all things unto Himself. Yes neighbor, God is preparing His church, his mighty ones that rejoice in his highness for his judgment; for judgment will be given to the saints of the Most High God who will reveal his name JESUS to the world; the Revelation of Jesus Christ.


Come join with us at Dennis Beard Ministries, Inc. all who believes that God is moving all saints into His fullness of glory, full stature, and full maturity in Christ. I want you to be my friend, a friend of this ministry. My lovely wife Diane and I have sold out all possessions to follow Jesus. We have no certain dwelling place but travel in a motor home preaching these truths as God leads us. There is my son Brad and his wife Melanie who with their two children, Brandon and Adriana, who have sold out all and travel with us in their travel trailer to bring this Word to God’s people. Then there is my daughter Angela who heads up DBMI’s operations along with her husband Robert who also have forsaken all who travel with us in their travel trailer. This is the Dennis Beard Ministries, Inc (DBMI) team that believes this move of God so much that we have forsaken all things to bring this to you. Come be our friend by signing up here on our website or contact Sister Angela Lindstrom, our Director of Operations. To be a friend is to say that we share a common vision of the coming glory for the ones that are now being called out by God to reveal Jesus in the last days. By becoming a friend of DBMI, we ask for your help in outreach for this truth by your prayers and financial support as God leads you.


The day is approaching that will reveal all things that God has spoken in his Word who will bring these things to pass. To the ark and to the testimony. If any speak not according to this Word, it is because there is no light in them. Denominations consist, not in holding what God said, but in subscribing to articles drawn up by fallible man. “Man can applaud his fellow; for in so doing, he praises himself. He can approve the sayings of another, for thereby he constitutes himself a judge. And thus, in the divinity of the day, we shall find that creeds, confessions of faith, and writings of the Fathers really assume the place of the Word of God.” For the great Day is coming in which of us as believers in the Word of God will be fitly framed together for God’s glory; everything will be in order unto perfection; all of us will be touched by Calvary, for in the Day of Atonement, all articles of furniture of the Sanctuary are touched by the precious blood of Jesus.


Thanks for taking the time to visit us. Sign up and become a friend!


God bless you and yours,

Dennis Beard




Dennis Beard Ministries, Inc.







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