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“And I perceived that the portions of the Levites had not been given them: for the Levites and the singers, that did the work, were fled every one to his field.” (Nehemiah 13:10).


The ministry team finished out the Baton Rouge revival with 8 souls baptized in the name of Jesus Christ with 5 receiving the Holy Ghost during this meeting which started on September 20th and ran through October 31st. We heard from Jesus instructing us into the paradigm shift that the church is experiencing at present. For those who desire all things to be as they were, the move of God will not be experienced by you. For those desiring the glory of God, 2009 will be the biggest year yet for change in the glory of the church.


I will tell you a dream that was given to me from the Lord Jesus concerning His work. I love the testimony of Jesus and the uplifting of His Holy Word manifesting His name. However, there are times I get ahead of God allowing the purpose of God to override the will of God. Therefore, when I had this particular dream, I began soul searching as to the will and purpose of God in my own life thinking that I was possibly out of the will of God as both to time and overall purpose.


The dream started in a colossal auditorium where a grand production was about to take place with players on the platform to a great audience of observers. The building was much like a theatre that had huge glass doors all across the front entrance, whereupon, one would enter then be seated in a sloping fashion so all the audience could see. The doors were predominant in my mind as I looked across the building knowing that I had to take the platform at 11:00 as I had a leading role. The glass doors were as clear glass French doors side by side for the entire length of the building.


I immediately walked into the foyer of the building knowing that it was almost 11:00 and time to start the play or program. That’s when I noticed all the doors were chained around the door handles with locks on each chain preventing anyone to enter. I tried to jerk the chains loose but was unable as they were too strong. As I was jerking on the chains and locks trying to get them to open or break, a man who I took to be the janitor came walking down the foyer and asked me what I was doing. I told him that I had to be in the play as I had a major role and needed to get into the auditorium. He told me that as a player, I could not enter through the entrance doors, but would have to walk down the side of the building and enter through the door for players.


I then left the foyer and walked down the side of the building knowing that I had to hurry as time was approaching for the play to start and therefore the urgency to take the platform was all I had on my mind. Upon entering the building and looking around, much to my amazement there was no one in the building and it was 11:00 o’clock. I knew that I still had to get in uniform for the performance it was already time to start. I immediately knew that I had to go to the top of the auditorium where the audience would enter and take a bath in a large (20’ X 40’) whirlpool and then get dressed for the performance.


After being in the whirlpool/bath for a long time, I got dressed in a power tuxedo and was ready to go on stage. I looked at the time and it was 2:00; exceedingly tardy now, for the beginning time was supposed to be at 11:00. Looking around the huge auditorium, there was no one there; no other player had entered for the play, and it was exceedingly late, almost three hours late from time to start. The urgency was breathtaking and I could not understand why no one was in the auditorium yet and the play had not started. The dream ended with a sense of urgency in my spirit.


I related this dream to many preachers and believers alike with no acceptable interpretation that struck truth in my spirit. Possibly, I reasoned that I was out of the will of God or maybe something lacking as to the late hour in delivering the Word of God to His people. Two years later, while preaching one night at Sister Judy Jones' church, Endtime Jesus Ministry Outreach, on Avenue E in Bogalusa, LA, a prophet named Brother Nicholson came in who was asked to testify. He was late coming in. Sister Jones had already done the song service and testimonies from the congregation were in progress. Brother Nicholson took the platform and began telling what the Lord had shown him that day. He did not desire to usurp authority, but asked if he could obey the Lord Jesus. Everyone agreed and he went on to say that the Lord had shown him that it was the 11th hour and at midnight the voice of the bridegroom would be heard.


The major thing that the Holy Ghost quickened to me was that the bride of Christ was late in receiving the Word of God. Suddenly I had the interpretation of the thing; for God has ordained the present as the time for influx of truth to the bride of Christ; and that we as the body of Christ are late in receiving what God has foreordained for His bride in the things of Jesus; the testimony of Jesus, the spirit of prophecy.


We here at DBM have obeyed God in seeking His face for the glory that He has for the church, but we need your help in continuing this work. The Lord has spoken to me to associate myself with men/women of like mind. If you believe this is a ministry that is called of God, then I ask you on behalf of the entire ministry team to become a partner with us in this outreach for souls. We baptized 8 souls in the name of Jesus Christ in a very slow meeting in Baton Rouge, LA. Even though there were only 8 souls baptized in His name; that is more than most large churches see baptized in a year. Dear friend, all the money in the world is nothing in comparison to one soul saved. Take part with me and this ministry team who have dedicated their lives in service; taking the Gospel to the lost; selling all, giving up all, forsaking all. We have not sought our own, but the things of Christ Jesus. We will do our part and go. Will you do your part?


Dear friend, all I am asking is for you to pray and ask God what He would have you to do in helping this ministry. For those of you who do commit and become a partner with this ministry, we will also commit to you in reaching souls for Jesus. I will send you a DVD each month with what is happening with this ministry as we travel preaching the Word of God. The hour is late. We are not to be found at ease in Zion, but pressing toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. That which is perfect is on the horizon…it is in sight. God is moving for those who are seeking him out of a pure heart. Let me hear from you. I pray God speak to your spirit and become one with us in labor for His name’s sake. If you only give a cup of cold water in the name of a disciple, you will in no wise lose your reward. Let us fight the good fight of faith.


The ministry team at DBM needs your help. Will you help us reach the lost? We need commitments of monthly donations that we can count on in order to fulfill the ministry. God will meet the needs; but, He uses men and women who love Him and believe in His Word. The believers that partake in God’s ministry of giving and receiving have His promise that they will have their wants met. That is not needs, but your wants met. This is a grave hour in the USA as we face the greatest financial and international threats. We must make the main thing be the main thing; and that is God’s work. Let us not be found laying down on the job building greater barns for increase, but let us be found fellow laborers with God; laying up treasures for each and every one of us in heaven.


For those of you who helped finance the Baton Rouge revival, thank you for your financial and prayerful support. I want you to know that your reward in heaven will be great, for we will all stand at the judgment seat of Christ, to receive our rewards for the things done for the kingdom of God. There is an erroneous belief that if you send money to a ministry, the money will be squandered on luxury items for the preachers. Some believe that the giver who helped in the financing of the ministry will not even receive a reward for the souls that were saved and edified in the kingdom of God. The truth is, however, that you will be rewarded with stars in your heavenly crown with an eternal and exceeding weight of glory. Our vision is for souls to be saved in this present hour, helping them reach a saving knowledge of the principles of the Godhead. We sincerely believe that it is no matter what a believer holds to be truth in the work of God unless he or she is founded upon the correct foundation of Jesus Christ in the true revelation of Jesus as to the Godhead. Therefore, the DBM team has put together a DVD package on the Godhead that will be our gift to you for your monthly financial commitment to this ministry. The “Principles of the Godhead” DVDs will give you valuable insight into the Godhead which we believe to be the very foundation for the upcoming move of God as God moves the body of Christ unto the knowledge of the Son of God unto a perfect man. You will get your set by simply partnering with us here at DBM while reaping an eternal reward in heaven as well. In addition, each month you will receive updates and new DVDs as God moves us into the testimony of Jesus.


Can we count on you?


Write to me, Dennis Beard, at 95 Ruston Rd., Carriere, MS, 39426. Your offerings are tax deductible; make payable to Dennis Beard Ministries, Inc.


Dennis A. Beard








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