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"And how shall they preach, except they be sent?"  Romans 10:15a


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In 1985, the Lord gave me a dream as to the church and its progression in the Lord Jesus, being conformed to His image. In the vision, there were two churches; one located on the bottom of a hill, the other had a road going from this church that was lower to a church on the top of the hill. The church at the bottom of the hill was broken down, unpainted and worn boards, floors falling in, a basic structure that was in need of repair. However, all the people were at this church. Some were inside the building, others outside, people everywhere.


As I looked upward to the church that was located at the top of the hill, I noticed that it was a magnificent building; with pearls, jewels of varying colors, beautiful carved wood, with bright windows of light. Such a wonderful church I thought, simply beautiful; why were there no people there, none in attendance? The thought puzzled me as to why no people were going to this church which was grandeur instead of the other one that was broken down and in great need of repair.


The Lord spoke to me that the time would come that the church would rise to a higher and greater plane, then the latter church would be far greater than the former. I knew then that the ones that sought the Lord going higher in glory from faith to faith would be the ones that would experience this greater more glorious plane in God.


The dream is mine, Dennis Beard. 






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