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Setting is October 1989 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where we have just arrived from preaching revivals throughout the Southeast United States. The Dennis Beard Ministry team consisting of my wife, Sister Diane Beard; my son, Brad Beard, my daughter, Angela Beard, and my brother, Richard Beard have been preaching revivals in Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. The DBM team is now trying to get back to Texas as I have decided to leave the field full time and go back to work. As far back as I can remember; the central preaching of this ministry has been Jesus Christ in His Person and Work bringing the church to full measure and stature of the fullness of Christ. The DBM team has had virtually no money, less than a $100 a night come in for three to four weeks of preaching 2 to 3 hours a night in the average church. I am discouraged with no money at all to buy gasoline for the three travel trailers and vehicles in order to get back to Texas. We have just ran out of gasoline in one of the three vehicles and have had to push it to a gasoline station where I gave an attendant a roller ball “Mont Blanc” pen that I have had for years that I used to use while in the insurance business. He agreed to take the pen for a tank of gasoline as I explained that the pen is worth at least three tanks of gas. The price of gasoline was not near what it is now in 2006.


That night as I explained to my wife that we had been “kicked” out of many churches due to preaching the “perfection” of the body of Christ as the church that has to come into in order to be saved in the last days when the church is measured, I laid down that night with a resolve as to quitting the ministry and going back to work in the insurance business. I had been a successful owner of an insurance agency and in the past and had decided that now was the time to go back into the insurance business again. The DBM team had no place to park the three travel trailers, so I turned into Knight’s trailer park off of Florida Blvd in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and proceeded to ask the owner, Mrs. Knight, if she would consider letting us park there with hook-ups and I would pay her later for her generosity. She agreed as she felt sorry for us. Each of the three travel trailers was assigned a spot and we hooked up to electricity and water, thanking God for His goodness. My wife, Sister Diane, has always been supportive of the ministry and she stated that she was behind me in whatever decisions that I made. I told her that we would “back up” and “retreat” for a short while, then pray and seek the Lord for another opportunity to preach, when we had saved some money and then try again. Sister Diane agreed to whatever I said, and encouraged me to get some rest and not worry about the rest of the crew.


At 3:30 A.M. that morning, I was awakened out of a sound sleep with a man suspended in air, approximately 5 feet away, staring at me. My wife was asleep beside me, unaware of anything that was happening. The angel stared right through me…into my heart…and knew the thoughts and intent of my heart and spirit. I knew that this was no ordinary angel, but was in fact, the angel of the Lord; the same angel that had appeared to Peter in the jail and released him, the same angel that had appeared to Paul on the ship before the ship was wrecked off of Melita. The angel looked just like a man with a black suit, but his face shone brightly and was piercing my spirit. As I looked at him, he put me into a vision.


The vision was this. I saw a city that had been riveted by war; dead bodies and debris all around; houses blown up, a city in shambles. Immediately, I saw a man who was 6’6” tall and highly decorated as if he were a general in full military dress. He was stern in his intent, as to the urgency of the situation and the task at hand. He walked with great military strides and his intent was certain as he grabbed hold of a woman’s left hand with his right. As to this woman, she was dressed in bride’s penetrating white gown that went to the ground with a matching white veil. She struck me as the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen with the longest black hair. Let me interject, that to me, my wife is the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen; but the vision of this woman held me in awe. She was 6 feet tall and looked to the man for leading her through this rubble of a war; his hand leading her by her hand. The man and the woman had to “pass over” to the other side of the city while there was Great War that presented equally great danger. The long strides of the man had the woman running with all her might in order to stay up with him, even though he had her hand. She was not dragging behind, but it took all her strength in order to keep up with him.


As the two approached a great river, there was a man in a gondola, a boat that went up on both ends in a sweep shape. The man was Oriental in looks and saw both the man and the woman on the bank. The general stopped abruptly with the woman behind him who immediately followed his lead and both stared at the man in the gondola as the man stared back at them. Suddenly, a bomb hit the water just shy of the gondola and knocked the man out of the boat and he submerged into the water. I thought to myself, as I looked at this man in the vision, that there was no way that he could live due to the explosion and force of the bomb. The man, nor the woman moved as they both looked into the deep water to see if the man would submerge. A long time had elapsed, when suddenly the man’s head popped out of the water. As he looked at the man and the woman, the man stated “You were under the water for at least 10 minutes”. Then the man who had just emerged answered back, “No, I was under the water by the space of half an hour”. The man with the woman’s hand in his right hand, then takes his long strides again as he leads her through the city in wartime.


The woman is straining to stay up with the man, but she does manage to stand and not fall, following him as he strides and turns through the ruins. Soon, they approach a house that has not been blown up by bombs or shattered with gunfire or missiles. He opens the door with his left hand, and leads her in behind him with his right hand. As they both enter the room, they find that there are 6 men in the room. There is a red picnic table just inside the door setting perpendicular to them with four men seated; two on one side of the table, and the other two opposite them. All are eating sandwiches and playing cards, the cards and money chips in front of them. The man facing the general and the woman on the left has his tie undone, sloppily hanging to one side of his shirt with sleeves rolled up. To the right are two more men in the kitchen area of the one large room; one is cutting meat for sandwiches while the other one is pouring drinks.


The man seated at the table with the tie hanging down tells the general, “Come, eat, drink, and be merry. Have a seat!” The general with the woman by his side declares, “We must go up!” as he points upward to the house. The house has three levels joined by a winding staircase that is in the shape of a pyramid; that is, floor one is where they are located at present, floor two half way up, and floor three at the top where there is a room that is 7’ X 7’. The man at the table that is eating and drinking at the picnic table replies again to the man and woman; “Come on and sit down! Eat and drink! No one can get in here…the door is locked!” The man declares emphatically, “We must go up!” By this time, the man at the picnic table is laughing uncontrollably and yells again; “Come on and sit down! No one is going to bother us here! Eat and drink!” The general sternly warns for the last time, “We must go up!” With that said, he takes the woman again by the hand, her left hand in his right, and he proceeds to go up the winding stairs.


As he goes forcefully, she follows him closely. He does not stop or hesitate at the second floor, but goes on to the third floor where he enters and shuts a door to the top floor. This room is the pinnacle of the triangular shaped house and is seven foot high, seven foot wide, and seven foot in breadth; or 7’ X 7’ X 7’ in measure. The man has to bend his head in order to fit into the room with the woman where there is seen a cedar chest that is totally contained and no drawers in order to open it, as if someone made the chest with no drawers or any entry into it. The man then looks at the cedar chest that has no opening; he takes his right hand, the woman still by his side, and begins to rip the wood in the center of the chest. As he does this with his bare hands, the wood begins to be chiseled out by the man’s bare hand; the letter “J” appears. He continues to rip wood off of the chest by his bare hands and an “E” then is revealed. As I look at this vision, excitement takes me over as I know where this is going! The man continues ripping the wood out by his bare hand…the letter “S” appears….then “U”…and finally another “S”. “J E S U S” appears in full manifestation.


When “JESUS” appears to both, the man opens the top of the cedar chest with his hand and reaches inside with both hands. He brings out a crown that is so beautiful as to all precious stones, not one is missing in this crown. There is the sardius, amethyst, emerald, ruby, diamond, ligure, beryl, etc. and that without number….it is huge…almost the size of the chest itself….a crown like no king or queen in this world has ever worn…never even seen. He steadily brings it out of the cedar chest with both hands; one on one side and one on the other. He then turns to the woman as the veil is lifted….as she stands there patiently….he crowns her… As the crown goes on the woman’s head, the top of the room that is in the shape of a triangle bursts open…light is all that can be seen…light…warm, soothing, light that one feels when love is manifested, a light that is calm, warm, placid, tranquil…peace.


I did not want this moment to come to an end…the glory that I felt was indescribable to say the least. It seemed like it lasted for ten minutes…being bathed in this great light.


Then suddenly I am slammed back into the vision with the 6 men on the first floor. I see them eating and drinking, when all of a sudden, an army kicks in the door of the house. Armed men with rifles and automatic weapons begin shooting the men on the first floor. The army kills all of them. When the army looks around the room and sees no others to kill, they leave the room shutting the door beside the picnic table where they had entered only minutes beforehand. Blood is running out of the dead bodies who were seated at the picnic table playing cards and eating sandwiches. The other two men in the kitchen that were making sandwiches are both dead…one leaning over the sink…the other over a counter top. My stomach is upset and I begin to feel sick…nauseated…what an upset…


After looking at them for some time, I see the man with a tie that was sloppily hanging down and to the side of his shirt, begin to move. I think, “Great, he is still alive. There is hope”. To the right, the man that had been cutting meat for sandwiches at the sink begin to raise his head up and move just a little. Just at that time, the man with the tie undone at the picnic table, looks up, takes a .45 caliber pistol, and shoots the man who was still alive at the sink. I am yelling at him “No! Don’t do it!” He then turns the .45 on himself, points it at his temple and pulls the trigger, blowing his brains out.


I awake from the dream that the angel had put me into with him still suspended above me, looking into my eyes. I realize at this time…that when he speaks to me, he does not use his mouth and speak with words….he simply speaks to me audibly by just looking at me. I know his words by his looking at me…he knows my heart…he knows everything. Then he speaks to me (by not saying a word)…”You cannot handle me now. I will see you again” as he breaks over and passes by my left shoulder, speaking this in my ear as he does.


As I seek God as to what He wants me to do, the Lord speaks to me, “I will uncover the cedar work.”


October 1989

Dennis Beard

Witnessed by me







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