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Artwork by Pat Marvenko Smith, copyright ©

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I read an article the other day that made me ashamed that our LORD and Savior JESUS isn’t acknowledged as He should be in all aspects of all lives.


A woman was floating on top of the water, face down, she had broken her neck and wrist, fractured one vertebra, shattered another one, and her lungs were collapsing. She said she was aware her wrist was dangling in the water and her vivid memory was being worried about her jewelry, which she’d left wrapped in a beach towel. 


She was with friends diving at the Jersey Shore. They were quite far from the beach, in water about six feet deep. One of her friends wanted to go back but she insisted on just one more dive. Her “one more dive” almost cost her her life.


She was rushed to the hospital and put into traction to await surgery. She needed a 24-hour supply of oxygen, as her lungs had collapsed. The doctors had to put titanium plates in the front and back of her neck, and then a piece of her right hip bone was transplanted and used as a replacement for the shattered vertebra. She had two chest tubes, a nasal tube, and a tracheotomy tube inserted in her making it impossible for her to speak. She and her family were told she would be on a ventilator the rest of her life and that she would never walk again. She said she was on a lot of drugs to control the post-surgery pain, but when the doctors told her of the prognosis, she refused to believe them.


A month later she was moved to a rehabilitation institute. She only had the use of her biceps and her right wrist. She said it took her four months to wean herself off the ventilator and five months of using an alphabet board to communicate – blinking at the letters as they were pointed out to her to make words- her vocal chords healed.


Shortly after being able to speak, she left the institute and hired a 24-hour caregiver. The whole time she said she was envious of people who could walk. She was ashamed to be in a wheelchair and cried when anyone looked at her. She said she’d rather be dead because of the way she looked and felt.


She said when she was ready to move on, she went back to work in the restaurant and started traveling and going to nightclubs. She said she learned to use the chair on the dance floor. She went on to say her “caregivers” had to go through her “etiquette school” because she is a perfectionist and wanted them to be able to do things exactly the way she used to do them when she could use her own hands. She taught them how to arrange flowers, cook three-course meals, and wrap presents. She said she was a slave to fashion before the accident and says she still is, so she had them learn how to put on her mascara, curl her eyelashes, style her hair and dress her. She said she never had a shortage of men in her life and how she loves Chanel and Gucci and goes on and on about all the things of the world.


What amazes me about this story is here’s a woman who comes so close to death and her first vivid memory is worrying about where she left her jewelry. She doesn’t even cry out to God for help or even think about God as she’s floating in the water. There was no mention of God whatsoever in this woman’s recollection of her accident…. neither before nor after. Instead of thanking God for allowing her to live, she goes on to say she’d rather have been dead because of the way she looked and felt.


No change at all happened to this woman. I personally would have been thanking God for having mercy on me and wonder what I should be doing with my life instead of teaching “caregivers” how to cook meals and do my make-up. I’d wonder if God had a purpose for my life since He allowed me to live.


Her last statement was this…”Will I walk again? I don’t know. Right now I’m not focusing on that. In the meantime, if I see steps, I’ll get 10 guys to carry me up if that’s what it takes, because there is no way I’m missing the party.”


People in the world will read this story and think, wow, this woman has a lot of heart and courage to keep going on trying to do the same things she did in her life before the accident. I read this story and I’m ashamed that no one gave my JESUS the glory for allowing her to live.


I will always give my JESUS the glory and honor that is due Him. He is always faithful and true; even if we are not.


Angela Lindstrom






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