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While I pastored in Baton Rouge, LA back in 1990, I felt the need for extensive prayer in seeking the will of God. Each night, I would go outside the church at the side of the church and pray all night. While doing so one night, after quite a while in prayer, I felt as if the angel of the Lord was with me, watching me, or possibly would appear again to me. At that time, my spiritual eyes were opened and I saw chariots all over the ground, across the road, and in the parking lot of a large church that was located across the street.


The thing that has puzzled me for years in this vision is that the chariots had angels in them of which all were asleep. They were leaned over the sides of some, others were laying down, but none were standing up in the chariots. There were hundreds of chariots with angels all over the place, but none standing upright. I felt the Holy Ghost in praying through and began to sing in the Spirit a song that struck me as a very unusual melody that I had never heard before, or anything like it in the love and closeness of God that I felt toward Him.


As I was looking at these chariots with angels in them which looked as if they were slumbering, the Lord spoke to me that I would go to Bangladesh. I immediately asked the Lord where Bangladesh was located. He spoke to me “India”. I stayed as long as I could in this realm until I gradually came down.


Curious as to where Bangladesh was in India, I went into the church office and looked in the Encyclopedia Britannica and found that Bangladesh used to be part of India, but was not independent. Also read of the flooding there and found it to be the most densely populated place on earth.


The end of the vision.






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